Custom ROM brings Android 13 to the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 and Note 8

Xda developer Ivan Meler has put together a custom Android 13 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 and Note 8. It is a development version of LineageOS 20.0, which is based on Android 13.

Meler put the ROMs online last week, but they seem to be surprisingly stable for a first build. Wifi, bluetooth, sound, GPS and the fingerprint scanner all work normally. Only encrypting storage doesn’t work yet, and so does the Note 8’s camera.

Android 13 (LineageOS 20.0) on an S8.

Android 13 was released last month for Google Pixel devices and a number of Oppo smartphones. However, most smartphone owners will have to wait a little longer for the update, if their phone is already eligible. In the case of Samsung, the Galaxy S10 Lite seems to be the ‘oldest’ device to be upgraded.

For the S7, S8 and Note 8 you will have to make do with these custom roms. If the device is your ‘daily driver’, it is advisable to wait a little longer until LineageOS 20.0 is officially released; based on historical release dates, that will be around April next year. Flashing custom ROMs obviously involves risks.

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