Another suspicious vehicle with armed occupants intercepted in Berchem

Another suspicious vehicle with armed occupants intercepted in Berchem
Another suspicious vehicle with armed occupants intercepted in Berchem

The Antwerp prosecutor’s office reports that it intercepted a suspicious vehicle in the Deken De Winterstraat in Berchem last night. An attack has been committed three times before in that street, and five armed Dutchmen were also arrested in the immediate vicinity last Thursday.

sister newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen reports on the basis of police sources that it was an armed commando. This again creates the impression that an attack in the criminal environment has been thwarted. According to the same newspaper, there were three occupants in the car and the police found a firearm during the check. The trio was immediately arrested for questioning by the federal judicial police. They will probably be arraigned before the investigating judge in the course of Friday.

Also last Thursday, the police were probably able to avoid an attack. Then it checked five Dutchmen in a parked car in Lode Vissenaekenstraat, a stone’s throw from Deken De Winterstraat. In their car was a Kalashnikov and a bulletproof vest.


The federal judicial police are investigating the case, but more than likely the suspects again targeted the EH family who lives in Deken De Winterstraat. A mobile camera has been hanging in that street for some time, after the earlier attacks. On August 3, unknown persons put the message ‘snitch’ or ‘snitch’ on their front door and a parked car opposite the house was set on fire. In July, a fireworks bomb was thrown at the house, three years ago even a grenade exploded in the street.

The family is mentioned in several drug files and has long been embroiled in a violent feud with other criminal groups. The pancake house that the family runs in the Volkstraat in the South of Antwerp, had to close its doors last month on the orders of Mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA). That case has also been the target of several attacks.

Last Monday, the council chamber in Antwerp confirmed the arrest of the five Dutchmen. The two female suspects claimed that they were not aware of any criminal intent, they thought they were going to party in Antwerp with their three friends. The armed Dutchmen who were arrested on the Luitenant Lippenslaan in Borgerhout also saw their arrest confirmed.

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