these products have risen the most in price

these products have risen the most in price
these products have risen the most in price

In August Test Aankoop compared the prices of about 3,000 products from the supermarkets of Albert Heijn, Aldi, Carrefour, Colruyt, Cora, Delhaize and Lidl with the prices of last year. This concerned A-brands, private labels and white products.

Main conclusion? Our shopping cart has become 12.33 percent more expensive on average. “The shopping cart that you bought last year for 100 euros now costs about 12 euros more. In other words: a family of two people who a year ago (monthly, ed.) 390 euros paid for groceries now pays 438 euros, or 48 euros more,” writes VRT NWS.

These products rose the most in price

Mustard has increased in price the most in comparison with last year: about 36 percent. “The cause of the price increase for mustard is not far to seek. Mustard is made from ground mustard seeds, vinegar, water and salt. The mustard seeds for the European market are mainly produced in Russia and Ukraine and have become more difficult to obtain due to the war,” says Test Aankoop.

In addition, the price of Spaghetti rose sharply, by 35 percent. The same applies to Others groceries such as frying oil (+26 percent), coffee (+21 percent), mayonnaise (+21 percent), flour (+20 percent), rice (+14 percent) and strawberry jam (+13 percent). Another small consolation: chocolate rose on average by ‘only’ 4 percent in price.

Also dairy products have increased in price. You pay 17 percent more for it than a year ago. The biggest risers are young (gouda) cheese (+27 percent), semi-skimmed milk (+24 percent), yogurt and eggs (+16 percent), and ground Emmentaler (+15 percent).

“We mainly see that yogurt has become more expensive since last month,” explains Test Aankoop. “The increased milk and energy prices, as well as wage costs, will certainly have something to do with this. We can expect that these prices will probably rise further in the short term due to the difficult price negotiations between Danone and various supermarket chains.”

Furthermore, the prices are also in the fish– and the meatdepartment increased. In the fish department, gray shrimp (+33 percent) and cod fillet (+22 percent) became more expensive. In the meat department, poultry became more expensive (+20 percent).

Finally, Test Aankoop also looked at maintenance products. These were on average 13 percent more expensive: dishwasher tablets (+24 percent), all-purpose cleaner (+16 percent) and toilet cleaner (+15 percent). One last striking figure: fruit and vegetables became on average ‘only’ 5 and 4 percent more expensive than a year ago.

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