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Overview | These mighty Russians have been killed in recent months

Overview | These mighty Russians have been killed in recent months
Overview | These mighty Russians have been killed in recent months

Lukoil CEO Maganov is far from the only powerful Russian who died in bizarre circumstances in recent months. An overview of family dramas, dubious suicides and a shaman visit gone wrong within the Russian elite.

Leonid Shulman (60) – Suicide in bathroom

This sixties headed the transport service of Gazprom Invest, the subsidiary of the Russian gas exporter Gazprom that is responsible for the investment projects.

On January 30, Shulman was found dead in his bathroom. According to the Russian news agency RIA, he committed suicide. Local media reported that Shulman had been at home for some time due to a wound to his leg.

Aleksandr Tjulakov (61) – Suicide in garage

A former executive at Gazprom. He was found dead in his garage on February 25, the day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Neither the company nor the investigating committee have made any public statements about the death.

The independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazetta reported that it was about suicide. In the same article, the newspaper reported that Gazprom security forces established a perimeter around the garage where Tjulakov was found.

Mikhail Watford (66) – Found Dead on Estate

A businessman who was born in Ukraine. He was found dead on February 28 at his estate in the south east of England. Police say the death is not suspicious, but the matter is under investigation.

Vladisav Avajev (51) – Suicide after family drama in hotel room

Until recently, Avayev was vice-chairman of Gazprombank, one of the largest Russian investment banks. A local newspaper reports that he took his own life in a hotel room in Moscow after shooting his wife and daughter.

Sergei Protosenja (55) – Suicide after family drama in holiday villa

Former CEO of the Russian energy company Novatek. He was found dead with his wife and daughter in a Spanish holiday villa, Russian media reported. According to the Catalan police, it is a family drama. He first killed his wife and child, then committed suicide. However, Novatek does not believe that the ex-CEO would do such a thing to his family.

Vladimir Lyakishev (45) – Found dead with gunshot wound

Former co-owner of the Bratja Karavajevi restaurant chain. He was found dead on the 16th floor of the building where he lived, a Russian media group said, with a gunshot wound to the head.

Yuri Voronov (61) – Shot dead in swimming pool

Voronov was CEO and founder of Astra-Shipping, a transportation company operating for Gazprom in arctic regions. He was found dead in a swimming pool in the Leningrad region in July. The man had a gunshot wound to his head. A gun was found near the pool.

Aleksandr Subbotin (41) – Anti hangover treatment by shaman

The ex-top manager of Russian oil giant Lukoil died on May 8. The day before his death, he went to see a shaman. It was supposed to help him get rid of a bad hangover. He did that by making an incision in the ex-top manager’s skin and pouring poison into it. The treatment made the man ill, the next day she killed him.

Ravil Maganov (66) – Fallen Out of Window

The chairman of the board of directors of Lukoil (for now) closes the list of suspicious deaths within the Russian elite. He died after falling from the window of a Moscow hospital. According to the Russian news agency Tass, he committed suicide. Lukoil himself indicates that he had been ill for a while. Maganov was in the hospital because he had a heart attack a few weeks earlier. In a statement, his company had called the war in Ukraine an “armed conflict.” That’s against the Kremlin’s directive that requires Russians to talk about “a special military operation.”

If you have questions about suicide, you can contact the suicide line via the toll-free number 1813 or at

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