Armand Pien is turning into a storm

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Nineteen years after his death, the RMI honors Armand Pien by naming the next storm that will arise here next season after the weatherman of the public broadcaster.

Regions annually list names of storms first observed there. The Royal Meteorological Institute has proposed to baptize the next specimen Armand, an idea that the other countries in our group have agreed to.

Europe has several groups, such as the southwest group to which our country belongs. The country that first declares code orange for strong winds gets to choose the name for the storm from that list. Once a name has been chosen, it applies to all of Europe. This means that a storm that gets a name in Belgium, for example, is also called that in the Netherlands, which belongs to a different group. The next storm that arises in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France or Luxembourg is therefore named after the weatherman. Other contenders on the list include Beatrice, Claudio, Denise and Efrain.

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Armand Pien predicted the weather on the then BRT for 37 years. “Next year it will be twenty years since Armand Pien passed away,” says David Dehenauw. “He deserves a name like storm and I think that would have been fantastic. It is a great tribute from the RMI to our figurehead of the time.”

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