Son of Britney Spears addresses mother in revealing interview, singer responds: “Maybe you can explain to me why our family did this to me”

Son of Britney Spears addresses mother in revealing interview, singer responds: “Maybe you can explain to me why our family did this to me”
Son of Britney Spears addresses mother in revealing interview, singer responds: “Maybe you can explain to me why our family did this to me”

Kevin Federline, Spears’ ex-husband, recently announced that their sons Preston (16) and Jayden (15) no longer wanted to see their mother after she started acting strangely. In a disappointed response, Spears then accused her sons of “treason” and “hateful behavior”.

But in an extensive interview with the British television channel ITV Jayden now tries to flatten the pleats slightly. “I love you, and I want the best for you,” it sounds. “Maybe someday we can talk about this normally.”

In the interview, however, the 15-year-old also explains why he no longer wants to visit his mother: “The environment she created was not very comfortable for me or my brother. At a certain age you start to realize those things. I don’t hate her, I want to see her again. That would make me happy.”

Not at marriage

Spears’ sons were also not present at their mother’s wedding to her 28-year-old fitness trainer Sam Ashgari in June. “It wasn’t the time,” said Jayden. “I’m happy for them, but they didn’t invite the whole family.” Spears did not invite her father – under whose controversial guardianship she had to live for years – and her sister Jamie Lynne to her wedding party.

Jayden also admits in the interview that he and his brother questioned their mother’s behavior on social media. For example, she lashed out at her family in a 22-minute video, and she shared several spicy photos of herself. “Social media is helping her,” the boy said. “If she wants to do that, I’m not going to hate her for that. But she should realize what is going on and why she no longer loves her family. It’s like she needs to put something on Instagram to get some attention. It’s been like this for years, and chances are she’ll never stop doing it. But I hope so…”


Spears was able to end 13 years of custody of her father Jamie (70), whom she accuses of financially tampering with her many incomes, in November 2021, but her son is defending his grandfather. “Maybe that custody took a little too long, but he really loves his family. I know everyone blames him for that custody, but he really was a father trying to take care of his daughter. He doesn’t deserve the hate he has to deal with. Mama doesn’t realize how much he cares about her.”

Spears responds

It didn’t take long for Spears to make himself heard: a few hours after the publication of some excerpts from the interview with her son in the British tabloid The Sun, she turned to Jayden on Instagram. “I tried to be the best person possible, while I was actually being held hostage by a nurse and other nonsense”, it sounds – not always coherent – about her vicissitudes in recent years. “I hope one day my kids will understand why I revealed myself like any woman being held would!!! Now that I am 40, I am finally without the chains my family has put on me…”

“Every day I send all the love in the world to my son Jayden for the rest of my life!!!”, it continues. “My love for my children knows no bounds, and this swipe as if I wasn’t ready to be his mother saddens me deeply. Maybe someday we can meet again and talk about this. Perhaps, dear child, YOU can explain to me why our family would ever do such a thing to anyone!!!”, Spears writes again about her custody.

“I helped your father when he didn’t work for 15 years…”, she then made a few accusations against her ex-husband and her sons. “I suppose it’s easier for you if there’s no one to check if you’ve done your homework!!! I’m sure your father uses it every day weed smoking will improve your life as a 15 and 16 year old!!! I fully understand that you want to live with your father, when for 15 years I had to do everything: four tours, judge on X-Factor and MUCH more. I did that for you. And for Preston. I know I have lessons to learn from you, but, dear child, you too from me!!! It’s horrible to see your dad being a hypocrite who says the media is horrible while letting you talk to them about private matters!!! If only you could remember for a second where you come from. I hope you can look in the mirror and realize that you are my child, and always will be!!!”

“Since Preston didn’t talk to the press, I’m sending my love!!!”, it then sounds conciliatory. “I would love nothing more than to meet you two again. You and your brother are both brilliant, and I am so proud that you are my sons.” After which it sounds reproachful again: “As for my mental health, my dear child, you must learn to read a book before you even think of talking about my intelligence, dear!!! Tell your father that he should give it a try, and at least drive off the grass… If with your brilliant mind you can really say that what memaw(her mother, ed.) and paw paw (her father, ed.) did to me, was good, and doesn’t call them bad people… then I have indeed failed as a mother. Hopefully you and your father can talk and try to understand WHAT IS GOOD.”

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