Biden warns of Trump extremism: ‘His movement threatens our country and our democracy’

Biden warns of Trump extremism: ‘His movement threatens our country and our democracy’
Biden warns of Trump extremism: ‘His movement threatens our country and our democracy’

US President Joe Biden lashed out at the Republican Maga movement in a TV speech on Thursday evening. “They’re trying to go back in time to an America where you don’t have the right to freedom of choice, privacy or contraception,” Biden said.

In a 24-minute speech, Joe Biden lashed out at Pastor Donald Trump and his supporters. Nothing less than “the soul of the country” is at stake, Biden said in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.

“Donald Trump and the Maga Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our republic,” he warned. Maga stands for ‘Make America Great Again’, a slogan that Trump gave an extreme nationalist and Christian-conservative overtone.

Biden is looking ahead to the midterm elections in November, in which Democrats and Republicans will compete for a majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives. In the run-up to those elections, a number of Trump-promoting politicians have already won important victories. They threaten to reform the electoral process in favor of the Republican party.

‘Painful truth’

The president emphasized in his speech that not all Republicans are extremists and that there are still plenty of mainstream Republicans to work with. Still, he says America needs to face the truth: “It’s clear that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and Maga Republicans. And that’s a threat.’

“They’re trying to go back in time to an America where you don’t have the right to agency, privacy or contraception,” the president said, saying he was obligated to tell the truth, no matter how painful it may be. The president stated in no uncertain terms that Trump supporters do not respect the constitution and the legal system and that they are trying to thwart free elections. ‘They flourish under chaos’ and ‘live in the shadow of lies’, it sounded, among other things.

Biden therefore called for unity against Trump and his cronies. “It is in our hands, yours and mine, to stop this attack on American democracy,” he said. “We have long reassured ourselves that American democracy is infallible. But that is not the case. We must defend and protect democracy together.’ You can read the full speech on the White House website.

A hardened tone

American media note that Biden’s rhetoric has undergone a turnaround. While in his first year he preferred not to dwell on the previous president and chose to look ahead, emphasize unity, his tone has hardened in recent speeches. Biden sounds more combative and a lot tougher on Trump’s supporters. The midterm elections will undoubtedly have something to do with that, but observers say Biden would also feel empowered by recent political victories and by Trump’s response to the search of his Florida residence.

“Can you believe it, FBI agents who are just doing their jobs are now being threatened by their fellow citizens,” Biden referred to the Mar-a-lago search. Trump had leaked the names of the FBI agents present, leading them to intimidation and death threats. So far, Biden has been very careful with statements about the search and the lawsuits his predecessor is facing, presumably so as not to play into Trump’s witch-hunt allegations.

The big distributor

During his speech, Biden was interrupted by protesters shouting “Let’s go Brandon,” which is synonymous with “Fuck Joe Biden” among Trump supporters. The president joked that “good manners have never stood in their way,” but that they have a democratic right to voice their displeasure.

Biden’s words are not well received by Republicans. Party Chair Ronna McDaniel Called Joe Biden ‘The Distributor’ After His Speech in chief and the embodiment of the state of the Democratic Party’. According to her, the president showed “his distaste for half the country”. Shortly before his speech, Republican leader of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, demanded an apology from Biden. In an interview, the president had characterized Trumpism as “semi-fascism.”

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