VIDEO. Noa Aliya (28), high-class escort and businesswoman: “Among my clients are also members of parliament, football players and BVs” | The World of Nanoe

The World of NanoeIn the first episode of the HLN Original ‘The World of Nanoe’, OnlyFans star Nanoe Vaesen goes to high-class escort Noa Aliya. Noa is 28 and feels happy with her job as a sex worker. And she is not alone, because officially there are already more sex workers than hairdressers in our country. But who are their customers? How do they ensure their safety? And can they really bring in professional costs. In ‘The World of Nanoe’ you will discover all the answers.

In the new HLN Original video series ‘De Wereld van Nanoe’, sex worker Nanoe Vaesen gives the viewer a unique view of the Belgian sex industry. The sector has a turnover of more than one billion euros every year and now that sex work has been removed from criminal law, more people dare to step out of anonymity. Nanoe goes out with high class escorts, pornographers, fetishists and visits swingers clubs and massage parlors. The World of Nanoe can be viewed exclusively in the HLN app. A new episode every Friday for 8 weeks.

From her luxurious apartment in Kruibeke, Noa offers services to men and women with a wallet as big as their libido and lives her life to the tune of ‘Glamourous’. ‘We’re flying first class, up in the sky. Poppin’ champagne, livin’ my life. In the fast lane… Glamorous!’ Noa loves her job and the luxuries that come with it — including a line of coke, or party powder as she calls it.


My mama said, ‘Girl, if you’re happy and you can pay your bills with it…. Why not?’ Papa said, “You don’t see well, do you?”

Noa Aliya

Nanoe Vaesen and Noa Aliya HLN midform series © HLN

She had paid sex for the first time when she was 17. “A very nice memory. I started in a massage parlor on the Eilandje in Antwerp — only erotic massages with the famous manual happy ending. On my first working day I had earned about 800 to 900 euros from fifteen customers. My career choice was quickly made. My mama said, ‘Girl, if you’re happy and you can pay your bills with it and buy all those things…. Why not?’ My dad, a West Flemish ex-para, had a harder time with it. ‘You don’t see well, are you sure?’ was about all he could say.”

All corners of the room

Noa built up a solid customer base in just a few years. “Many ordinary men, but also members of parliament, doctors, business people, BVs, football players….” Customers with a well-filled wallet, but often also men who simply have a partner at home. “Eighty percent are married. I don’t see that as cheating. If the woman would also think that way, it would go a lot better for many couples.”

Nanoe Vaesen and Noa Aliya HLN choose lingerie in the HLN Original 'The World of Nanoe'.
Nanoe Vaesen and Noa Aliya HLN choose lingerie in the HLN Original ‘The World of Nanoe’. © HLN


Noa also has MPs, doctors, business people, BVs, football players… as customers. Are they waiting for an invoice?

55% of Belgians who have paid sex opt for private reception. Noa’s clients are more than welcome in her luxurious apartment. “Many well-known customers don’t want to be seen, so I receive them at home. “You know the expression ‘all corners of the room’?” (laughs) Something has happened in every corner of this apartment. If the seat could talk…”

Nanoe Vaesen and Noa Aliya on a trip in 'The World of Nanoe'.
Nanoe Vaesen and Noa Aliya on a trip in ‘The World of Nanoe’. © HLN

Noa also goes to the massage parlor or on a two-day business trip if necessary. Everything is negotiable, as long as you have money. “The principle is simple: you pay for my time. For two hours of private reception you pay 400 euros, for two days you pay 4,000 euros. When I’m on a business trip, I have to plan during the day. Then I often get the Mastercard with me.”

Risks of the profession

Nevertheless, sex work remains a risky profession. But an informed woman…. “I have three rules. Rule 1: Take self-defense classes. Every lady should do that. Rule 2: My driver is my bodyguard. We will discuss all the rules beforehand. In addition, there is a standard message ready to his number. ‘Yes’ means: ‘Everything is fine.’ ‘No’ means: ‘Come and get me immediately.’ Rule 3: Always ask for an advance. No advance no date. ”

Noa Aliya in 'The World of Nanoe'.
Noa Aliya in ‘The World of Nanoe’. © HLN

Advances, online bookings, advertising… The sex worker can prepare invoices, write VAT receipts, submit expenses. The status of self-employed provides rights, certainties and structures that remove the taboo from the profession. But also questions about discretion. Because every customer is waiting for that? Will there be a massive inspection and how much taxes will the sex workers have to pay? Noa has another two years to find out, because she wants to stop sex work before she turns thirty. She puts her money in the bank to start her own barbershop. One hairdresser more, one sex worker less: then the balance has been restored.

And then it is also time for a permanent relationship – “preferably with a man who has never been to an escort” – and children, “but with the right person”. Sex workers are and will remain just ordinary women.


OnlyFans star Nanoe Vaesen: “Yes, I have a lot of money and luxury, but I also work 14 hours a day” (+)

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