Two young Dutchmen die on holiday in Colombia after eating raw fish

Two young Dutchmen die on holiday in Colombia after eating raw fish
Two young Dutchmen die on holiday in Colombia after eating raw fish

The hospital in Cartagena. — © google maps

Police in the Colombian seaside town of Cartagena have launched an investigation into the mysterious death of two young Dutchmen. The couple, Nienke Bawa (29) and Bob Kootte (31), died on Tuesday after they became unwell in a hotel in Cartagena.

Source: The Telegraph

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The deaths of both Dutchmen have been confirmed by relatives of the victims. “We are in deep shock,” said a family member who was about to travel to Colombia on Wednesday morning. “They were both very loved and had many friends.”


The two became unwell at their hotel after eating fish at a restaurant in Cartagena on Monday night. It would concern raw and semi-raw fish and shellfish. Nienke Bawa and Bob Kootte became so ill that hotel staff called a doctor. He put on an IV and left.

However, the situation worsened, after which hotel employees had the two transported to the hospital by taxi. Problems arose there because the clinic wanted to see credit cards first. Only when the owner of the hotel stood guarantor, a treatment started. Nevertheless, Nienke went into cardiac arrest after which she was resuscitated in vain. The same happened a short time later with Bob Kootte.


An autopsy is being performed, according to Colombian authorities. In any case, the first investigation has shown that there is no question of a drug overdose, as suggested by local media.

The deaths of the two Dutchmen receive a lot of attention in the press in Colombia. Cartagena is a well-known tourist place that is also visited by many Dutch people.

The death of the Dutch couple is reminiscent of the tragic death in 2016 of a Dutch couple (Jeroen and Michou) during their honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. They also died in quick succession after eating suspected poisonous fish.

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