The sting in the tail: Standard is not yet out of its misery after a strange ending at RWDM


RWDM and Standard opened the match day on Saturday afternoon with a spectacle match. The devil was really in the tail.

Standard urgently had to get points to get away from the bottom and RWDM was also still in dirty papers. An important match between both teams in the Edmond Machtens Stadium. Ivan Leko had confidence in the eleven players who lost to Antwerp and did not make any adjustments.

Capaca from RWDM did so out of necessity: three newcomers entered the field due to injuries and suspensions. The possible relegation stress took hold of both teams at times, but we still had some nice moments on our plate. With the first big chance it was a hit thanks to Kanga, did Standard immediately win?

Spectacle and venom in the tail

Not really, because about ten minutes later Biron made it 1-1. It must be said: it was a wonderful shot from the RWDM striker. KAA Gent wanted to bring him in last week and he showed his class on several occasions. Weighing on the defense and delivering wonderful shots. He also scored the 2-1, but it was disallowed for offside.

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Leko Ivan

Leko Ivan

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And so we went to a real surprise in Brussels, where the devil was really in the tail. First there was the 2-1 via Ilay Camara ten minutes before the end after an actually very nervous second half. Immediately afterwards, Standard equalized. In a slightly crazy way, because it was a bit crazy – in the style of the match.

Dewaele hit a tight shot, but it ultimately deflected off Kelvin Yeboah. He struggled on the field for a minute and immediately made it 2-2. This doesn’t help either team much, but Standard is perhaps the ‘lucky’ team, because they remain three points above the people of Brussels.

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