Tail team OH Leuven relaunches itself in the rankings after a great start against Westerlo

Tail team OH Leuven relaunches itself in the rankings after a great start against Westerlo
Tail team OH Leuven relaunches itself in the rankings after a great start against Westerlo
  1. 2′ – Goal – Ezekiel Banzuzi (0 – 1)
  2. 11′ – Goal – Florian Miguel (0 – 2)
  3. 17′ – Yellow – Richie Sagrado
  4. 31′ – Cont. Siebe Writers by Kento Misao
  1. 59′ – Cont. Florian Miguel by Franco Russo
  2. 59′ – Cont. Youssef Maziz by Mathieu Maertens
  3. 60′ – Goal – Mathieu Maertens (0 – 3)
  4. 64′ – Cont. Serhiy Sydorchuk by Nacer Chadli
  5. 65′ – Cont. Griffin Yow by Ravil Tagir
  6. 73′ – Cont. Romeo Vermant by Matija Frigan
  7. 74′ – Cont. Nachon Nsingi by Konan N’Dri
  8. 75′ – Yellow – Federico Ricca

Jupiler Pro League – matchday 24 – 03/02/24 – 18:15

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Ezekiel Banzuzi

0 – 1

Ezekiel Banzuzi



Florian Miguel

0 – 2

Florian Miguel



Mathieu Maertens

0 – 3

Mathieu Maertens


Westerlo has its feet on the ground again. Rik De Mil’s in-form team received a real “reality check” after a blitz start from Leuven. After just 10 minutes it was already 0-2 in favor of the visitors. Leuven is thus climbing out of the danger zone of the Jupiler Pro League for the time being.

Westerlo – OHL in a nutshell:

Man of the match: Tobe Leysen was again invaluable for OH Leuven. The goalkeeper made sure that his strikers could play football without any worries with a lot of parades.

Key moment: A flashy opening phase sealed the fate of the match. After just 10 minutes, Leuven already had a double lead. Westerlo was never given the chance to get into the match.

Remarkable: Westerlo had 73% ball possession, shot 10 times and scored 14 corner kicks. And yet it failed to score. Bad luck or a sign on the wall?

One initial phase is not the same for Westerlo. As well as the match started earlier this week in ‘t Kuipje, it got off to such a dramatic start.

On Tuesday, Westerlo was already 4-0 ahead against Cercle after half an hour, today it was already 0-2 behind after just 10 minutes.

Although OH Leuven barely had the ball, it completed its first two opportunities at 100%. First Banzuzi curled in a free kick from maestro Maziz, not much later Florian Miguel pushed the 0-2 into the far corner.

Everything indicated that Westerlo – which had been on the rise in recent weeks – had lost the match before it had even started.

In addition, OHL goalkeeper Tobe Leysen thought he was unbeatable today. Westerlo scored a dozen corner kicks before half-time, but Leysen kept clear of the danger. And a handful of chances for the home team were also defused by the MVP.

It was clear that it was not Westerlo’s day. Half an hour before the end, substitute Mathieu Maertens – who had barely been on the field for a minute – closed the books for good.

Westerlo has its feet on the ground again, Leuven is climbing out of the danger zone for the time being.


OH Leuven can look up again.

“It was make or break for us”

Joël Schingtienne (OH Leuven): “It was a good evening for us. Our goal was three points and we achieved them. We immediately scored on a free kick. We often practice that in training. We are already doing well in the rankings. We are We have been doing well for a while and are working hard to climb again. Hopefully we can continue the trend.”

Mathieu Maertens (OH Leuven): “It was make or break today. Fortunately, we won flawlessly. Okay, we may not do it with the most beautiful football, but the three points are the most important for us. You can also see that in our defensive efforts and sharpness, it’s great that we We were able to keep a clean sheet together. And it was good at the front that we immediately took the lead. You felt that Westerlo was having doubts. We are already doing a good thing. Our team spirit is also good again, especially after our training camp. You can feel everything that things are going well for us. And for me too, the goal was a nice boost after six months of misery.”

Nacer Chadli (Westerlo): “If you immediately concede a goal, it becomes difficult. We need to be much more concentrated on stationary phases. Then we calmly enter the match and get a few chances, but we don’t take them either. We just weren’t sharp enough tonight. That is unfortunate. It’s a shame, because we’re now falling back a bit in the rankings. We now have to regain the right attitude of the past few weeks.”

Phase by phase

END: 0-3

Westerlo has its feet on the ground again. Rik De Mil’s in-form team received a real “reality check” after a blitz start from Leuven. After just 10 minutes it was already 0-2 in favor of the visitors. Leuven is thus climbing out of the danger zone of the Jupiler Pro League for the time being.

3 – extra time

An extra 3 minutes will be added.

There’s Maertens again

Maertens is almost there with his second. N’Dri kicks the ball somewhat clumsily in front of the cage, but Maertens reacts quickly. He slips in front of his opponent and kicks the ball into the side netting. The whistle can be blown quickly for Westerlo.

It is hard versus unsoft between the lines. Ricca always takes the lead in the battle and now also mercilessly knocks over his opponent. After a small uproar he gets a yellow card shoved under his nose.

The many substitutions completely took the pace out of the match. It’s not all that clean anymore. Yet there is no lack of fighting spirit from both teams.

Leysen MVP

Leysen is again the MVP of Leuven. The goalkeeper suddenly comes face to face with newcomer Sayyadmanesh, but is able to parry his shot with an excellent arm reflex. Vermant’s bicycle kick is also defused.

Westerlo is once again shivering and shaking. After a pinball moment, the ball gets stuck in front of Bolat’s goal. Ricca is eventually able to deviate, but his shot bounces outside.

Goal OHL: 0-3

Oh, oh, oh. It is not the evening of Westerlo and Rommens. The home team’s defender plays the ball back to Bolat too weakly and sees Mathieu Maertens make off with the leather. The recently substituted Leuven native immediately kicks in his first ball contact. Want books?

Application Sayyadmanesh

Sayyadmanesh is there for the first time. The brand new transfer from Westerlo immediately shows his speed and suddenly appears at the back of the Leuven defense like a devil out of a box. The home team’s new number 90 goes over loudly.

Frustrations are mounting at Westerlo. OH Leuven uses all the tricks in the book to keep its opponent from getting into the match. Rommens, among others, goes to the referee with waving arms. The second half promises to be a real battle.

Rik De Mil has transformed his team into a three-man defense. In this way, Westerlo wants to put even more pressure forward. With success: the home team monopolizes the ball and forces OHL to kick the ball away.

Double substitution Westerlo

Rik De Mil does not wait and immediately intervenes at half time. Allahyar Sayyadmanesh replaces Reynolds and can make his debut. As expected, Madsen also stayed in the dressing room. His replacement is called Fixelles. At OH Leuven, Akimoto will replace the yellowed Sagrado as a precaution.

Halftime: 0-2

An excellent goalkeeper and a 10-minute blitz start. That’s all OH Leuven needed to achieve and maintain its 0-2 lead. Westerlo fought back, but it didn’t get further than a dozen corner kicks.

Extra headaches for Westerlo? After a duel with Sagrado, Madsen continues to walk around the field with a limp. The top scorer flops down on the lawn for a moment, receives care, but it doesn’t really go well. There is a real chance that he will simply stay in the dressing room after half-time.

4 – extra time

An extra 4 minutes will be added.

Westerlo has started its final offensive. It forces one corner after another, but for the time being Rik De Mil’s men cannot take advantage. Will we get another goal?

4 – extra time

An extra 4 minutes will be added.

Double parade of Leysen

Yow is the powerhouse at Westerlo this season. He scored twice more against Cercle on Tuesday and now the American has no doubts. He outwits his sliding opponent and makes a blistering swipe at the second post, but Leysen is there with his fingertips. Not much later he also pushed Rommens’ long shot over the bar.

Third time lucky for Bolat. After another stagnant phase from maestro Maziz, Dom can buy the ball towards goal, but this time the Westerlo goalkeeper stands firm. Danger passed.

OH Leuven completely loses the pace of the match and hopes to go into halftime with a double lead. Oscar Garcia and his associates are not going for a beauty prize. Only the three-pointer is important for their relegation battle from now on.

Exit Writers

A dampener on the celebration at OHL. It sees its captain stagger off the field. Schrijvers hurt himself in a duel about ten minutes ago, was given a painkiller, but has now stopped the fight. Kento Misao is his replacement.

Tornado alarm in ‘t Kuipje. Nsingi is playing football on an island, but that doesn’t seem to bother him right away. The OH Leuven striker turns on his turbo and storms past three Westerlo players. However, he moves so fast that he can no longer control the ball and runs loosely across the back line.

Warning shot(you) Piedfort

Piedfort does not seem to experience much inconvenience from the Sagrada intervention. The young midfielder (19) dribbles in and tries to curl the ball to the far corner, but his place ball misses the curve. Leysen can pick easily.

Sagrada arrives just too late for his fellow youngster Piedfort and grazes his shin. Referee Jan Borterberg does not hesitate and pulls the first yellow card from his pocket.

It will be a nightmare for the people of Leuven, but Westerlo is still the best team with the ball. It combines well on the flanks, but their attacking urge does not yield much more than a few corner kicks for the time being.

Goal OHL: 0-2

A lightning start from OH Leuven. The second chance also comes immediately for the visitors. After a good combination on the right flank, Schrijvers is able to aim the ball in a controlled manner at Florian Miguel’s shoe. The left back does not hesitate and pushes the 0-2 past Bolat.

It is Westerlo that dictates the law. The home team monopolizes the game and tries to play OH Leuven out of context with many moving players. Without too much danger for the time being.

Rommens smells an equalizer

The match has started at a slow pace. Immediately after OHL’s opening goal, Westerlo also gets an excellent chance to score. Madsen swings her leather perfectly on the marble of the run-in Rommens. Westerlo’s left back nods down excellently, but sees goalkeeper Leysen deliver a great parade.

Goal OHL: 0-1

Dream start for OH Leuven! Maziz paints a corner on the head of Banzuzi, who towers above everything and everyone to nod the opening goal into the net after just two minutes. Westerlo has to get to work immediately.


The ball rolls into ‘t Kuipje. Can Westerlo continue its rise under Rik De Mil? Follow it on this page or listen to Radio 1.

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