E40 in Drongen closed from 10 p.m. due to works

E40 in Drongen closed from 10 p.m. due to works
E40 in Drongen closed from 10 p.m. due to works

This bridge is about 70 years old and needs to be demolished. — © fvv

The E40 in Drongen, East Flanders, will be closed from Saturday to Sunday between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. to allow work on a bridge to proceed safely.

The supporting beams for a new bridge in Drongen over the highway at Kloosterstraat will be placed tonight, the Roads and Traffic Agency reports.

During the works, traffic between the coast and Brussels must follow a diversion. In the direction of Brussels, the highway will be closed in Aalter and in the direction of Ostend in Sint-Denijs-Westrem.

The Kloosterstraat bridge, but also that of the Deinsesteenweg (N466) over the E40, dates from the 1950s and is in very poor condition. Both bridges will be completely demolished and replaced this year.

The replacement of the bridge in Kloosterstraat started last year in the summer and will continue until mid-2024. In recent months, earth and foundation works have been carried out, retaining walls have been built and abutments have been constructed. Seven concrete load-bearing beams will be placed on those abutments tonight. These are beams of 46 meters long and weighing 115 tons, which will be lifted by two large cranes on the highway.

The E40 will also close in both directions for works above the highway on the nights of Monday 5 to Tuesday 6 February and Friday 16 to Saturday 17 February.

The Roads and Traffic Agency emphasizes that the Light Festival, a popular event that attracted around 800,000 visitors to Ghent in previous editions, will remain easily accessible tonight. If the crowds are too big tonight, the works will be postponed for an hour, until 11 p.m.

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