‘At the end of the story you feel cheated’

‘At the end of the story you feel cheated’
‘At the end of the story you feel cheated’

Two participants edited The last news contacted to raise problems with the makers’ working methods, the newspaper writes. The subsequent investigation of HLN brought to light several pain points.

For example, a certified architect who, as an independent expert, states: Bought blindly-huizen has assessed that certain defects in some homes were so noticeable that the makers should have noticed them, but they deliberately did not address them. Moreover, the interior architect involved does not have the correct diplomas and is not at all authorized to act as a construction promoter.

In addition, the participants criticized the way in which expenses were tracked. The bills were paid during the recordings via a proxy account managed by the interior experts. However, the participants allegedly only received the invoices months after delivery and without any explanation. In addition, some invoices did not include all details or contained information that was incorrect, such as costs for work that did not take place.

Furthermore, the program makers are said to have systematically minimized problems and provided insufficient information about the homes, even after repeated questions. “At the end of the story you feel cheated,” says one of the participants who contributes anonymously HLN testified. Another buyer, whose house had a damp problem, says: “It bothers me how poorly the work has been carried out by the contractor, who acts at the direction of the contractor. Bought blindly-experts. They have renovated to the standards of forty years ago.”

A final tricky point for participants is that they risk a fine of up to 50,000 euros if they reveal details about their participation. This stipulates the confidentiality contract that they concluded with Banijay, the production house behind the program. Their contractual obligation of confidentiality applies “for a period of 10 years or until after the date of the first broadcast of the entire series of episodes in which the candidates were involved”, it writes. HLNwhich has viewed the document.

Isabelle Dams, managing director of Banijay, denies the accusations. “We deeply regret that an absolute minority — only 5 out of a total of 36 Bought blindlyfamilies — look back on their participation with mixed feelings,” Dams said in a written response. “We pride ourselves on being approachable both during the works and after delivery and on taking a constructive approach. This is therefore a very one-sided and, moreover, incorrect representation of the facts.”

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