“Every government that respects itself responds”: Wouter De Vriendt (Green) calls the bombing of the Belgian office in Gaza “an attack on our country” | Israel-Palestine conflict


The offices of the Belgian development agency Enabel in Gaza have been bombed and destroyed. Wouter De Vriendt, the Flemish faction leader of Ecolo-Groen in the Chamber, speaks of a “barely veiled Israeli attack on our country”. “Every government that respects itself responds,” says X.

According to De Vriendt, the attack served “as retaliation for the Vivaldi government’s clear choice for international law.” “Israel does not tolerate criticism,” he notes.

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The Enabel offices were located in a six-storey tower in Gaza City, in the north of the Gaza Strip. According to the most recent information, no employees were present at the time of the bombings.

Idit Rosenzweig-Abu, the Israeli ambassador to our country. © Photo News

Two weeks ago, the Belgian government decided to evacuate staff members and their immediate family members. “We count on these people, including many children, to be able to leave Gaza quickly and unharmed,” the Foreign Office said.

Israeli ambassador summoned

Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib (MR) has already summoned the Israeli ambassador to Belgium, Idit Rosenzweig-Abu. Minister of Development Cooperation Caroline Gennez (Vooruit) was also present at that meeting. Together they strongly condemned the bombing of the offices.

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“Our government is currently investigating whether this was the work of the Israeli army,” Rosenzweig-Abu responded afterwards. “As soon as we have that information, we will share it with the Belgian authorities.”


“The destruction of civilian infrastructure is absolutely unacceptable and contrary to international law,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. “Since the first day of the conflict, Belgium has called on all parties to respect international law.”

Minister of Development Cooperation Caroline Gennez (Vooruit).
Minister of Development Cooperation Caroline Gennez (Vooruit). © Photo News

The ministers reiterate their call for an immediate ceasefire by all parties. They also call for permanent and unhindered access for humanitarian aid and the immediate and unconditional release of the hostages. Belgium also calls for the resumption of the peace process and political negotiations that could lead to a two-state solution.

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