Anderlecht appeals against replay of Genk match: “We must protect football”

Anderlecht appeals against replay of Genk match: “We must protect football”
Anderlecht appeals against replay of Genk match: “We must protect football”

“In the interests of Belgian football”, Jesper Fredberg hopes that Anderlecht will still be right on appeal and that the match against Genk will not have to be replayed. “We are heading down a dangerous path,” says the CEO who is taking Anderlecht to the Evocation Committee and the BAS.

Last week, the Disciplinary Council for Professional Football decided that the Anderlecht-Genk match must be replayed, because the referee allegedly made a mistake against the regulations.

At Anderlecht they immediately announced that they would use “all possible legal remedies” to get the right on appeal and thus keep the 3 points at home.

In concrete terms: the club is now going to the Evocation Committee and the BAS to get a decision as quickly as possible.

“We are actually appealing to make a point,” said CEO Jesper Fredberg a week after the Disciplinary Council’s decision. “We believe this is going in a dangerous direction for football.”

“I never thought we would ever end up in this situation. Football is a game where mistakes are made. As long as people are involved, there will be mistakes. We have to accept that.”

“It is therefore a dangerous path that we are taking if it is decided to replay matches due to these types of errors.”

“It seems like someone made a decision without thinking about the consequences. That’s a shame.”


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“We must protect the sport”

To be clear: Jesper Fredberg does not deny that the referees made a mistake in Anderlecht-Genk. “There is no discussion about that.”

“But I can also go back a little further in time and find mistakes that were to our disadvantage. We have also lost matches where we could have filed a complaint. But we never considered that.”

“After a defeat, you must also dare to point the finger at yourself. Moreover, this is about something bigger than our club, namely football. We must protect the sport.”

According to Fredberg, Belgium is also doing badly abroad with this case. “I have already received many messages from foreign colleagues: what is happening there?”

“We are putting ourselves on the football map in a negative way. This competition is suddenly being looked at in a different light and I don’t like the fact that we are part of this with Anderlecht.”

We are putting ourselves on the football map in a negative way with this case. Suddenly our competition is looked at in a different light.

Jesper Fredberg, CEO Anderlecht

Fun away

Theoretically, Anderlecht can let the file drag on for so long with all kinds of appeal procedures that the sporting outcome of the competition is jeopardized.

“But it is not our intention at all to let this drag on.”

“We can only hope that some mature people look at this situation and make the right decision. Not for Anderlecht, not for Genk, but for Belgian football.”

“Because if this continues, you take away part of the fun of football. Then you can no longer fully celebrate a victory, because a complaint is always possible.”


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