LOOK. Images show Ukraine destroying 3 Russian tanks and 10 other combat vehicles in 3 hours: Russians in all states | War Ukraine and Russia


The Ukrainian army has managed to destroy three tanks and ten other combat vehicles of the Russian occupying forces during a Russian attack. That happened in just three hours. Russian war bloggers are in shock.


Feb 1 2024

Latest update:

The Russian attack happened on Tuesday in Novomychaylivka, in southeastern Ukraine. Ukraine’s 72nd Mechanized Brigade was on alert and retaliated with devastating force. The unit used drones to take out three T-72 tanks, seven MT-LBs (lightly armed personnel carrier combat vehicles) and one BMP (a heavily armed infantry fighting vehicle).

Russian war bloggers react with shock to the images of the massacre. “I really don’t know what to say about this,” he said. “How can you as an Admiral General today fail to take FPV drones into account (First Person View, drones that you control in real time wearing video glasses, ed.) when drawing up a plan of attack. How can you afford to lose so much material and so many people in one day? Complete foolishness and incompetence.”


According to one of the bloggers, the Russian army currently does not have large-scale protection against drone attacks. All material is outdated. Urgent measures are therefore needed.

Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, believes the odds are turning on the battlefield. He said this on the public broadcaster in Ukraine after the attack.

Kyrylo Budanov. © AFP

According to Budanov, the Russian offensive that started in November last year is on its last legs and this opens up prospects for a new counter-offensive by Ukraine. “Right now, the Russian offensive is still ongoing. The results… well, you can see for yourself. To say they have achieved significant success would be a lie. Unfortunately for us, there has been some progress.”

Ultimate goal

However, according to the intelligence service, nothing comes close to the Russians’ ultimate goal: to quickly reach the defense line along the Cherny Zherebets River in Kharkiv and the administrative border of the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions. “They didn’t even come close,” Budanov said.

“But their offensive continues,” he continues. “Sometime in early spring it will be completely exhausted. It will come to an end and it is my belief that it will be our turn after that.”

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