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4Gamers – REVIEW | Indie Flash
4Gamers – REVIEW | Indie Flash

When we first saw Headbangers: Rhythm Royale from developer Glee-Cheese Studio, we immediately thought of Fall Guys, which of course previously managed to conquer the gaming world. We are therefore curious whether this game full of pigeons will also succeed.

In Headbangers Rhythm you are a little pigeon who competes in a battle royale and is ultimately the only one left standing after a number of tests. The title already gives it away a bit, but the different tests have to do with rhythm and sound. You always start in the matchmaking where you can compete against other players, but if you don’t find enough people, the party will be filled with AI. A full lobby has about thirty players, although it may take some time before enough players are found.

At the start of a round, the intention is always briefly explained, because it is not always immediately clear. It’s also better to read quickly, because there is no practice round. Most tests focus on music and rhythm where, for example, you have to press the correct key or guess the order of sounds. If you are wrong, you immediately lose weight and the round is over. If you last four rounds, you win. Fortunately, you can quickly start a new round. Headbangers: Rythm Royale follows the well-known formula of Fall Guys and other party games.

In terms of variety, there are a number of tests you can play, but most of them do not immediately have anything to do with your sense of rhythm. The majority of the tests focus on concentration or correctly guessing sounds made. For example, we had a stand-off round where a sound was played and we had to press when we heard the sound in a sound fragment and of course faster than the other player.

Visually the title looks fun. The different tests also have a theme. For example, guessing a sound came on screen in a kind of game show, while the stand-off round actually takes place in a western setting. Of course you earn points when playing the game and with these points you can give the pigeon different clothing or gadgets.

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