Union collides with strong LASK and loses 3-0 | Jupiler Pro League


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Four extra minutes

Four more minutes are added. Does this still make Union an honor savior?


Not 3-1

After an action by Rodriguez, Rasmussen kicks the 3-1 against the ropes, but the party does not continue – the ball has crossed the back line.


Ivan Ljubic is replaced by Branko Jovicic


Rasmussen cross

Substitute Rasmussen struggles to gain possession of the ball, but the cross blows past everything and everyone outside. There was also no real connection from his teammates.


Moses Usor is replaced by Husein Balic


3-0 GOAL by Robert Zulj

Anyone who was still hoping for a Union comeback is in for a treat. After a free kick, the ball falls over the crossbar at the feet of Zulj, who now closes the books completely.

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3-0 GOAL by Robert Zulj!


Cameron Puertas is replaced by Henok Teklab


Ibrahim Mustapha is replaced by Marin Ljubicic


Filip Stojkovic is replaced by Florian Flecker


George Bello is replaced by Rene Renner


Yellow card for Cameron Puertas


Rodriguez blocked

Lapoussin finds Rodriguez in front of goal, but the substitute needs too much time to get a shot off. The attempt is therefore blocked by a pile of legs.


No eleven meter

So Lapoussin was indeed offside. No eleven meters for Union.


Penalty Union?

Ziereis makes a tackle on Lapoussin and gets the ball in the arm in the box. The flag is flagged for Lapoussin’s offside, but that will be close. The VAR examines the phase.


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Mohamed Amoura is replaced by Mathias Rasmussen


Alessio Castro-Montes is replaced by Casper Terho


Charles Vanhoutte is replaced by Noah Sadiki

Blessin intervenes and throws Sadiki, Terho and Rasmussen into the fight. Vanhoutte, Castro-Montes and Amoura leave.


Toulouse at 2-0

Even more sensation in Toulouse, where the home team is already 2-0 ahead against Liverpool. With the current standings, Union is not doing well, because the people of Brussels are now virtually three points off second place.

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