Young Flemish woman (23) crashes with heavy truck on German highway | News

Young Flemish woman (23) crashes with heavy truck on German highway | News
Young Flemish woman (23) crashes with heavy truck on German highway | News

A 23-year-old woman from Lanaken escaped death in a serious crash on the highway in Germany. For an unknown reason, the woman lost control of a heavy truck loaded with gravel. The truck overturned and landed on the side of the road. The 23-year-old driver was transported with injuries.

According to the police, the accident happened this morning around 7:50 am near Ratingen, near the city of Dusseldorf. The 23-year-old female truck driver was driving on the A44 in the direction of Aachen, when she swerved to the right between two traffic intersections for an unknown reason.

“She suddenly heard a bang, and then it was already happening,” says a spokesperson for Mytraco Transport from Bilzen, the company for which the young woman was on the road.

As a result of the maneuver, the truck overturned. The driving cabin ended up on the right of the highway and was severely damaged. The semi-trailer and its entire contents blocked a large part of the highway.

“Very lucky”

According to the police, the Belgian woman (23) was seriously injured and was urgently transferred to a hospital. “The injuries are not too bad,” says Mytraco. “Given the circumstances, the driver is still doing well. She has abrasions on her hands and some back and hip problems. Investigations are still ongoing, but it seems to be not too bad. She was very lucky.”

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The accident happened on the A44 in Ratingen, near Dusseldorf:

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