Coca-Cola removed from shelves in Croatia after a number of poisoning cases


Health authorities in Croatia ordered soft drink giant Coca-Cola on Wednesday to remove certain of its drinks from their shelves. Cases of poisoning were reported in three cities.

The food inspection has temporarily banned the company from distributing certain products, the Croatian inspection said in a statement. Samples of various drinks distributed by Coca-Cola Croatia are examined. The first results should be there soon.

The inspection did not clarify which products are being recalled, but Coca-Cola itself confirmed that it concerns colas and sparkling waters. The company emphasizes that internal analyzes have not revealed any irregularities.

“Direct connection”

In Rijeka, a 19-year-old man ended up in hospital after drinking a drink in a cafe. His condition is “stable”, but he is said to have suffered serious injuries. According to Croatian Health Minister Vili Beros, several other cases of poisoning were reported in Zagreb and Varazdin. In two patients there was a “direct connection” with the consumption of a drink.

The minister warned against “lying messages” on social media about poisonings. Still, he called for “a certain vigilance” and asked to drink tap water.

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