Robin Pront’s fights, a nude scene and Erik Van Looy in a tank top: this was ‘The smartest person in the world’

Robin Pront’s fights, a nude scene and Erik Van Looy in a tank top: this was ‘The smartest person in the world’
Robin Pront’s fights, a nude scene and Erik Van Looy in a tank top: this was ‘The smartest person in the world’

Tuesday evening’s winner:

Fien Germijns again put in the strongest performance and finished with 536 seconds. “You seem to know more and more,” says Van Looy. Germijns: “I’m becoming quite proud of myself.”

The loser:

Nathalie Meskens started the final game with only 194 seconds and it turned out that she could not catch up on the deficit to Robin Pront (398 seconds): the director quickly brought the presenter home with knowledge about sneakers, the Battle of Waterloo and pasta sauces.

The newcomer on Wednesday:

Jade Mintjens is a stand-up comedian. She was a finalist in the Comedy Cup and can be seen in The ideal world as well as in I literally told you rightthe quiz by Philippe Geubels.

The best quotes:

Or Robin Pront is a real quizzer? “I know Erik from the film quiz from the past. I was fifteen then and he was there too, in a different team of course.” Erik Van Looy: “And who won then?” A rhetorical question, as it turns out. “Yes, you usually, Erik.”


After a question about Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and shaving off the head of hair to be at the right weight, jury member says Pedro Elias: “I once weighed one and a half kilos too much for a boxing match, so I had myself circumcised. I immediately lost all that weight.”


Naked driving is allowed in Germany. Or jury member Barbara Sarafian sometimes rides naked? “No, I don’t do anything naked. I even turned down a nude scene Zillion.” To which director Robin Pront: “I cut that scene out, I thought.”


Although he prefers not to talk about it, he knows Robin Pront a past as a fighter. Once he was in a plaster cast on the left side, which meant that, as a left-handed person, he suddenly had to take exams with his right hand, and another time at his student job in the supermarket he stood face to face with the boy he had hit the day before. “I didn’t work there long,” he says.

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The most beautiful moment:

A ‘wife beater’ is the American term for a T-shirt without sleeves, a tank top. When Van Looy appears in it, it does not go unnoticed. “How long will this stay like this, a whole round?” asks Fien Germijns. Nathalie Meskens and Barbara Sarafian are also enthusiastic: “You have good arms, Erik.” To which the presenter said: “I’m not tough, I have nothing here.” The audience contradicts this with cheers: yes, very cool.

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The standings:

1. Alex Agnew (8 episodes)

2. Fien Germijns (6 episodes)

3. Maureen Vanherberghen (5 episodes)

4. Elisabeth Lucie Baeten (3 episodes)

5. Soundos El Ahmadi (3 episodes)

INFO. ‘The smartest person in the world’, from Monday to Thursday at 9.15 pm on Play4. In ‘Team Morning’ at Play Nostalgie you will hear a conversation with the dropout every day between 8 and 9 am.

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