Ex-breast cancer patient Lies (30) launches skincare line for fellow sufferers: “With Moksi you know you are safe”

Ex-breast cancer patient Lies (30) launches skincare line for fellow sufferers: “With Moksi you know you are safe”
Ex-breast cancer patient Lies (30) launches skincare line for fellow sufferers: “With Moksi you know you are safe”

Malinois Lies De Nyn (30), whom we previously spoke to for our series ‘Out of Office’, announced a year ago that she would be launching her own skin care line for oncology patients. Not much later, her father was diagnosed with cancer. Moksi immediately had its first customer. “The chemo worked, so fortunately my father is now on the mend, but he can certainly still use Moksi products for the winter cold,” says Lies.

Lies was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. The chemotherapy left her with dehydrated, itchy skin that few care products helped with. “The last thing you want to do when you’re having chemo is spend half an hour in a store looking for a suitable product,” she says. So Lies, who is now in remission, comes up with a solution herself: Moksi, a line of skin care products made for oncology patients. Lies will launch her webshop on December 12, but pre-orders can be placed from November 15. There are no physical points of sale yet, discussions are ongoing about this.

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The new entrepreneur developed five products: a shower butter, a face cream, a body lotion, a lip balm and a shampoo. The latter will only be available from February. “All products are free of perfume, essential oils, parabens and gluten,” Lies explains. “They are natural, vegan and mild. The goal is to restore the skin that has been destroyed by chemotherapy as effectively and quickly as possible.” Lies wants to help many fellow sufferers by saving them the search for the right products. “During my treatment, I was sometimes given bath pearls and body lotions that I could not use due to harmful ingredients. With Moksi you know you are safe, whether you want to use it yourself or give it to someone.”

Moksi is a distinctly gender-neutral brand made for men, women and everyone in between. Lies does not want to limit the target group too much. “The products are suitable for all people with sensitive skin. For example, celiac patients can also use them without any worries, because they are gluten-free.”

First customer

While Lies was busy with Moski, life got in her way again. About a year after she underwent her last chemo treatment, her father received a serious diagnosis. “I was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma, a very rare and aggressive form of lymphatic cancer. Only two Belgians receive this diagnosis every year.”

It was yet another blow for Lies and her loved ones. Earlier, her partner’s mother had also died of cancer, the evening before Lies herself received her first chemotherapy. “It may sound crazy, but cancer is almost part of everyday life for us. The shock always hits us less hard than the first time you hear it.” When her dad gives the bad news, Lies responds with a quip. “’Come on, then I already have a customer,’ I said. Fortunately, it did not get to that point: the chemo worked and in August nothing was visible on the scan. Dad is doing better. Although he will still be able to use Moksi products in the cold winter months. For me, the dryness lasted until six months after chemo.”

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