LOOK. Analysts strict after “missed opportunity” for Antwerp, Mulder is annoyed by Porto: “Arrogance of a small team” | Sport


2-0 loss, 0 out of 12 and certainly eliminated from the Champions League. The champions’ ball has brought Antwerp little pleasure so far. The ‘Great Old’ missed an opportunity against an at times “arrogant” Porto, according to analysts Jan Mulder and Frank Boeckx.

LOOK. Our analysts about Antwerp’s “missed opportunity” in Porto

“This match fell under the heading ‘Champions League’, but I am already looking forward to Antwerp-Standard in the Jupiler Pro League.”

Jan Mulder thought Porto-Antwerp was a “dry performance”. According to our analyst, the “gravy” was missing, also due to the opportunities that the Belgian champion missed to make more of it. “And you still wish Porto a defeat. That’s never a good sign. Arrogant? Yes, it really is.”

All in all, a missed opportunity for the ‘Great Old’, said Frank Boeckx. “The Champions League had to become a learning experience, a means to make this group stronger. But now they fail to convert the tuition fees they previously paid into a positive experience and positive energy. That’s a shame, because they did get opportunities.”

It was a kind of arrogance from a small team. Then do it right

Jan Mulder

“Arrogant” Porto

Mulder was also annoyed by the Porto players. “At times they were very arrogant, but at the same time they were childishly happy when they scored. It was a kind of arrogance from a small team. Then do it right. Tap the second one in and then don’t jump in the air. They are both: provincial and world stars.”

Boeckx saw it the same way. “You feel from everything that Porto is a doubting team. And then you are left with the feeling that this is a missed opportunity for Antwerp.”

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Left: Evanilson scored the 1-0, Pepe the 2-0. Right: Jan Mulder. © Photo News / VTM

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