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Save the Future

Defeatism about politics cannot become the focus of the important year 2024. With Save the Future launches The standard a platform where we invite you to launch your own ideas on important issues. Let’s talk about the future, our future, as something we take into our own hands. This week we focus on education.

Karel Verhoeven

Chief editor

Ask citizens whether they expect their choice in the important 2024 elections to lead to solutions, and the disappointment in politics will stare you in the face.

But we are not condemned to despondency. Elections are about what future we aspire to for ourselves. We can use all the imagination for this, all the expertise, ideas and solutions that exist in abundance in society. We are all experts, through experiences from the lives we lead or through knowledge we have built up. If the political parties and networks no longer function to channel that knowledge, we can try alternatives. That’s true The standard is now committed to, in the last relatively calm period before the campaign starts.

Save the Future is the name of the journalistic project for which we virtually bring together readers and involved citizens of all kinds of beliefs and with many types of experiences and knowledge. Save the Future is a platform to put constructive ideas on the table and discuss them. In the app and on the website The standard you will see calls to give your opinion in a conversation tool. The question of the day is there, you will see thoughts and solutions from other readers, you can support them, comment on their proposals, or write your own proposal. We use language technology to filter out inappropriate comments so that discussions do not degenerate, which unfortunately hinders any more collective conversation on social media. So this is a safe environment. Editors also moderate.

For four weeks we will discuss four important themes, one per week: education, health, mobility & living and living together. The editors feed the debate with inspiring examples. At the end of the week we highlight the most remarkable ideas. You will find them in the Saturday newspaper.

The renewal of democracy takes various forms. Some focus on local participation, others on alternatives to representative democracy, and others on party financing. They all want to involve citizens more. Before political parties advocate their themes, Save the Future wants to feel the pulse on issues that concern us. You are in control. The battle for power will soon be settled at the ballot box, as it should be, but you can inspire and support that political campaign together with other citizens in the coming weeks.

Thank you in advance for your involvement.

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