79-year-old participant of ‘The Voice’ sees dream come true during duet with Tom Jones | TV

79-year-old participant of ‘The Voice’ sees dream come true during duet with Tom Jones | TV
79-year-old participant of ‘The Voice’ sees dream come true during duet with Tom Jones | TV

TVSinger Tom Jones (83) made the dream of a 79-year-old participant come true as a coach at ‘The Voice UK’ on Saturday evening. After his audition, Stan Urban was unexpectedly allowed to perform with the Welsh star he admires so much. Fellow coach Will.i.am (48) called it one of his favorite ‘The Voice’ moments ever, even though it almost never happened.

Stan Urban honestly admitted to viewers: he doesn’t know all the coaches he was going to audition for in the first episode of the twelfth season of ‘The Voice UK’. These are pop stars Olly Murs (39) and Anne-Marie (32), rapper Will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas and Tom Jones. “I definitely know that one,” he said of the latter. As a pianist, Urban played in all kinds of bands in the 1960s and with big names such as Chuck Berry, British media write. The love for the instrument is still alive. “No piano is safe,” he said. “When I see one, I’m like a child again.”

One coach runs

With his version of Chuck Berry’s ‘Little Queenie’ from 1959, he indeed got the entire audience involved, including 39-year-old Olly Murs. He was the only one to play for the singing pianist and asked why he was participating. “Tom Jones is here,” he replied. “He was rock ‘n’ roll, he is rock ‘n’ roll and will always be rock ‘n’ roll, even when he’s singing a ballad.” Murs suggested he perform with his hero. “Can you play ‘Great balls of fire’?”, Tom Jones referred to the Jerry Lee Lewis song from 1957. Stan could do that, and so his dream came true.

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Favorite moment ever

Will.i.am, who has been a coach on various versions of “The Voice” for more than a decade, called it one of his all-time favorite moments on the show earlier this week. “Because something magical happened,” he said. And that even though it almost didn’t happen.

Stan Urban was asked to audition by the makers, possibly because he previously went viral with a video of himself playing the piano in a train station. “I had never heard of it,” he says about the program to ‘The Courier’. “I’ve never seen it, we can’t watch it in Denmark (where he lives with his wife, ed.). I said ‘no, no thank you. I don’t do auditions’.”

The artist doesn’t think he’s going to win. “Deep inside I know that a man of my age will not go through to the final,” says Stan, who turns 80 in January. “They’re not going to give a 79-year-old record deal for ten years, are they?” But actually he has already won. After his audition, he was asked what he is most happy with: that he got through, or with the performance afterwards. The answer was easy: “With the duet with Tom Jones.”

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