The UK’s loneliest sheep rescued

The UK’s loneliest sheep rescued
The UK’s loneliest sheep rescued

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The British are breathing a collective sigh of relief this weekend. A sheep that had been left to languish alone and lost on a Scottish beach for two years has been rescued.

Source: The Guardian, The sheep game

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The loneliest sheep in the country, that is how the animal was now called. Two years ago, a woman passing by a Scottish beach on Cromarty Firth in her kayak saw a single sheep standing alone, dead. She assumed that the animal would find its way to the rest of the herd on its own and didn’t think about it anymore. But when she passed by again recently, the animal was still there, lonely and pitiful. With a coat that now reached the ground, and much too thick due to a clear lack of exercise. The beach was located next to a steep cliff several meters high and was surrounded by sharp rocks, so the sheep could not leave. She brought the animal into the media and the story of the loneliest sheep in the world moved the British.

All resources were deployed to save the animal. Even a hovercraft company tried to get to the beach with a vessel. In vain. After every rescue attempt, it sounded again: ‘too complex’. Until now. Until the simplest means was used. Five farmers from the region managed to drag the animal up the cliff. She has since been given a name: Fiona and was placed with The Sheep Game, an animal-friendly sheep farm that keeps Fiona’s story alive on social media.

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