Google now also solves your math problems


There are new features in Google Search and Lens. You can now also use both to solve mathematical problems for you.

Both Google Search and Lens can now be used to tackle math problems. The tech giant has updated the software of both products, so that this is now possible.

Counting on and with Google

It is not limited to just mathematics. In principle, you can now contact Search and Lens for a whole range of solutions for everything in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Just type your equation or integral into the search bar (under Search) or take a photo of it with Lens to get a step-by-step explanation.

The AI ​​of Google’s large language models also ensures that you can get a solution for problems in the classic descriptive form that we all know from school. These can also be questions about physics, not just mathematics.

Geometry is already more of a challenge, because it is not always easy to describe the problem in words. You can now enter a number of triangle problems via Lens. The system will interpret image and text and provide a solution here step by step.

For other applications within STEM you will now find almost a thousand interactive 3D diagrams from various disciplines. There are examples from biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy, among others.

We have recently seen more updates to Google Search. In the fight against disinformation, for example, there are now new functions to check sources and images. Earlier this month there was already the direct integration of generative AI in the search bar.

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