RE-EXPERIENCE CROKY CUP. Wonderful blast from Kums and gutsy Kadri with decisive ‘panenka’: these were the highlights | Croky Cup


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Beerschot Club: 0-6

Just a quick trip to Het Kiel, where Beerschot sees an end to the ordeal. Club Brugge will win 0-6.

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Standard blames Harelbeke forfeit defeat

Without much shine but also without much effort, Standard got rid of second national Racing Harelbeke at Sclessin. Stipe Perica, who returned after five months, scored twice and William Balikwisha also did so in between. Noah Ohio and Renaud Emond recorded the final scores.


STA-HAR: Emond with lump sum figures

Harelbeke must empty the cup to the bottom. Canak crosses from the left and newly substituted Renaud Emond taps the ball through Bossut’s legs into the corner: The forfeit figures are on the board. Bossut prevents even worse by overpowering a shot from Balikwisha in two times.


STA-HAR: Ohio also scores its goal

Standard pressed on again and scored a fourth time. Price takes the lead over the Harelbeek defense to the passing Ohio, who drops the ball dead on his chest and then outwits Bossut in the turn.


RWDM continues

Ultimately, it cost RWDM a lot of blood, sweat and tears to shake off a stiffly defending Olympic Charleroi.


Beveren knocks Westerlo out of the cup

SK Beveren, number ten in the Challenger Pro League, has pushed KVC Westerlo even deeper into the hole. The red lantern from 1A was now also knocked out of the Croky Cup with a dry 3-1. At the Freethiel they hope for a nice performance in the eighth finals. It is gradually five to twelve for Westerlo and coach Jonas De Roeck.



BEV-WES: 3-1

Westerlo also gets a penalty, but Madsen’s goal is no more than a plaster on the wound.


STA-HAR: Harelbeke scores, but offside

The ball disappears into the goal behind Henkinet, but the joy of goalscorer Samyn and Racing Harelbeke for that honor saver is short-lived. Line judge Biron stands with the flag high: offside.


STA-HAR: Perica is all about books

Sammy Bossut passes under Canak’s corner and Perica gratefully accepts the gift at the far post. The Croat just has to run the ball in for his second of the evening. The books are in full demand immediately, an underage Harelbeke can no longer pick these up.


BEV-WES: 3-0!

Reynolds makes a mistake and ref Pirard puts the ball on the spot. Koyalipou kicks the penalty flawlessly into the top corner. Over and out for Westerlo!


RWD-OCH: Dwomoh scores

There is the goal for RWDM. After a clever move, Rikelmi can reach Dwomoh, who makes it 1-0 with a stroke in the roof.


STA-HAR: Balikwisha doubles lead

But there is the second Liège goal. William Balikwisha can beat Bossut a second time from the diagonal left in front of goal and double Standard’s lead.

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STA-HAR: Vanheusden next, Ohio on Bossut

Standard also develops an ascendancy after the break, but this has not yet led to a doubling of the lead. An attempt by Zinho Vanheusden sails wide, Ohio curls the ball too weakly into Bossut’s hands. On the other side, Preben Stiers heads wide.


DEN-KVK: Kadri does it (3-4)

KV Kortrijk qualifies for the next round of the Croky Cup. Kadri’s panenka goes over the line via the crossbar.



DEN-KVK: Cool about it! (3-3)

Cools kicks high over. If Kadri scores, KVK advances.


DEN-KVK: Davies also scores (3-3)

Davies makes it 3-3. Who will make the next mistake?


DEN-KVK: M’Barki remains cool (3-2)

M’Barki makes a blistering strike and doesn’t miss. 3-2 for Dender


DEN-KVK: Malinov far wide (2-2)

Malinov kicks miles wide. Dender is still alive.


DEN-KVK: Nsimba hits a panenka (2-2-

Nsimba outwits Vandenberghe with a panenka.


DEN-KVK: Mehssatou puts KVK ahead (1-2)

Mehssatou doesn’t miss. KVK in the lead.

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