SBS in panic: forced to pay public

A strange call has appeared from SBS6. The new program ‘Song on the first sight’ is having trouble finding an audience, forcing them to pay people a fee to sit in the audience.

SBS6 will come with a new program from Saturday 5 November: a dating show called ‘Song on the first sight’. The name says it all: love and music are combined in this show.

Paid public

The intention is that singles will sing a love duet on their blind date. The participants contribute a song themselves and behind every choice there is a special story. A special program, and yet it already seems to flop before it is broadcast.

The recordings are still in full swing and apparently SBS 6 is having trouble finding an audience. “Urgent paid audience ‘Song at first sight’ wanted”, writes STENT Casting on Facebook.

30 euros for 3 hours

Normally if you want to attend a broadcast, you as an audience would rather buy a ticket to be able to attend. But because hardly anyone has signed up for ‘Song at first sight’, SBS6 is forced to change tack and pay the audience.

The message states that anyone from the age of 16 can register and receive a 30 euro fee to sit in the audience. It’s about today’s shooting and the audience is only needed for three hours. So it’s easy to earn, if you only have to watch a program!

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