Floris is not only a prince, but also a DJ: ‘Great to get the audience along’ | Music

Floris is not only a prince, but also a DJ: ‘Great to get the audience along’ | Music
Floris is not only a prince, but also a DJ: ‘Great to get the audience along’ | Music

We know Prince Floris as the nephew of King Willem-Alexander, but except on King’s Day you can also encounter him behind the turntable. The son of Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven is also a DJ and is organizing a thank-you concert for care on Saturday, where he also makes his appearance on stage. NU.nl speaks to the prince about the concert and his hobby.

By Danja Koeleman

The 47-year-old prince describes himself as a great music lover. He played drums and in his student years he took his first steps as a DJ in a club in Leiden. “A friend of mine worked there. I thought it would be fun to play and the owner allowed me to do that on Tuesday evening, the student evening,” Prince Floris tells NU.nl.

“Then I started practicing there every afternoon, then with records of course.” There Floris also got to know Armin van Buuren. The now world famous DJ played in the same club. The two are still in good contact.

After Floris’s student days, the hobby dwindled. At the request of his daughter who was celebrating a disco party, he picked up the turntable again a few years ago. “Then I completely picked it up again. I love playing music that you like yourself and getting the audience with you.”

The prince, who works in daily life at an investment company, does not want to make it his full-time existence. “I haven’t played since Kingsland (a festival on King’s Day, ed.) this year. I sometimes do it abroad, or I play for friends, but I like to do it now and then. I I’m a bit older, I’m no longer in the club every week, haha.”

The prince’s taste in music is very broad. “I really enjoy disco music, but I also like something heavier. That depends entirely on my mood. And when I’m playing, I always look at what’s happening in the hall and adjust the music choice accordingly.”

Prince is co-organizer of thank you concert

He will also do that on Saturday in the Ziggo Dome. In collaboration with 4PM Entertainment, the prince is organizing a free thank-you concert for the care, in which he will also climb the stage himself.

“Shortly after my performance at Kingsland, I received an email from two employees of the Haga hospital. They work for the heart-lung center and have had a very hard time during the corona period. They wanted to organize something for colleagues to thank them and asked if I wanted to play at this party,” explains the prince.

He didn’t have to think about it for long, and he also suggested organizing the concert nationwide. “Healthcare still has a big problem due to the large outflow and I think we should do something about it. So let’s try to thank healthcare nationally and give them something nice back after two tough corona years.”

No nerves: ‘Mainly concerned with organization’

The line-up of the party will be a varied mix of artists: Berget Lewis, Frans Bauer, Kris Kross Amsterdam and therefore also the prince himself are on the program. Prince Floris certainly has no nerves. “I am least concerned about that, I am mainly concerned with the organization.”

That was a new job for the prince, who had no experience organizing music parties. “Quite what people said that it wouldn’t work because we wanted to realize the concert very quickly because of the risk of a corona revival in the autumn. I may have thought about that a little too lightly. But it is fantastic how co-organizer 4PM Entertainment and the Ziggo Dome picked it up.”

Also sponsors and volunteers rushed from all sides to help. “You don’t just set up a production, but we are greatly strengthened by everyone who helps selflessly. The fact that it was successful so quickly and that everyone is working so hard on it really gives a lot of energy.”

Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted before it was announced that Queen Elizabeth has passed away.

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