Rapper Yurmaine (ex-Green Gang) talks about death list (VIDEO)

Rapper Yurmaine (ex-Green Gang) talks about death list (VIDEO)
Rapper Yurmaine (ex-Green Gang) talks about death list (VIDEO)

Former Green Gang member Germaine Romero, aka rapper Yurmaine, has spoken in an interview with platform NEW VIBES ONLY about the death list he was on. The artist, who released his EP in June fight released on music label OJ Fam, wants to leave his turbulent past behind and use his music to teach youth life lessons.

Through Roel Janssen

According to justice, Romero was on a death list of both the deceased Amsterdam criminal Cor van der T. and members of motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh. These latest murder plans were discussed by “The Wizzard” and “C-Murder” (according to Justice Jermaine B. and Delano “Keylow” R.). Both were sentenced to life in prison in July in the Eris trial in which several Caloh Wagoh suspects faced a series of assassinations and failed assassinations. The appeal has yet to be filed.

In a conversation with interviewer Mario Brouwer, Yurmaine talks about the moment when he heard that he was on a death list.

‘At the time I thought: why is it? Who and what? Then it’s like: either it will break you or you think: it is what it is. Then you start taking precautions, such as walking around with a weapon or looking over your shoulder more often. You will also become more aware of who you associate with and make choices, because you are limited in your freedom and can no longer go everywhere. You are stuck both physically and mentally at that moment. When you hear that it is a bit of a shock, but at a certain point I just kept going.’

wild west shooting

Germaine Romero was jailed for six years for involvement in a wild shooting in Amsterdam Southeast, in which a Volkswagen Golf with four rivals in it was trapped and riddled with 23 bullets on February 17, 2009. Miraculously, only the driver of the car suffered only minor injuries to his hand.

Green Gang members Ossi and FI were sentenced to eight years in prison for the shooting, Jason L., (alias JayJay, now Djaga Djaga) received 730 days in juvenile detention. Jason L. is now serving eighteen years in prison for involvement in a liquidation. L., who was on the same kill lists, is good friends with Romero.

Turning point

Yurmaine now says that he has left the street life behind and now has much more peace. Some people around him didn’t understand or believe that, but now they get it and are proud of him, he says. The turning point gradually came when his son was born years ago.

“I’ve realized that the life I’ve been living isn’t going to take me anywhere. Before I die, I also just want to leave something here, other than a legacy of being violent and being praised by bad things.’


Yumaine says he now wants to be the right example “because there is hatred anyway and people make an example of you or you are prejudiced”.

‘I now want to become an example, especially for my children. And for everyone who looked up to me or looks up to me, I also want to show that things can simply be done differently. Especially to young people from the area where I come from who are in the same boat and have led the same life.’

Debut EP

On his debut EP released this summer fight the rapper from Amsterdam-Zuidoost is assisted by Hef, Cor, Kalibwoy, Jonna Fraser, Lijpe, Henkie T, Chivv, Jordymone9 and Djaga Djaga.

Meanwhile, Romero and two friends also have their own vegan company, The Redi Pill. An online store in vegan clothing and shoes.

The article is in Dutch

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