Andrea wants Fly Like an Eagle at her funeral: ‘Nice last message’

Andrea wants Fly Like an Eagle at her funeral: ‘Nice last message’
Andrea wants Fly Like an Eagle at her funeral: ‘Nice last message’

Which song do you want to play at your own farewell anyway?

Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band.”

Why this particular number?

“I’m sure I’ve heard this song before, but it only really got into my head five years ago when I was in Spain with my boyfriend. He had made a holiday CD with endless songs for the car and they were playing us every day. Fly Like an Eagle I’ve put it on repeat 1000 times. It gives me a lot of positive energy. I really like the tones and the vocals. The song doesn’t even have that much lyrics, it’s more about the feeling it conveys to me.”

“I feel like the song is about living on even though you’re dead. I feel the message that we’re here to do some good, that your spirit lives on after death. I want to pass that message on, so should this song can sound nice as the last message at my funeral. Go live and make something of it. You always leave something behind, and it better be good.”

“The song is in a file on my computer for when I’m dead. That’s a file with music, but also with what I would like. As far as I have something to say about that, of course. You also have people who say that their funeral should be a party, but I don’t think you can impose that. The only thing I would really argue for is that they Fly Like an Eagle playing and wine after saying goodbye, because Fristi doesn’t help.”

What does it say about your life?

“This song has been a part of my life for five years now. I’m a bit attached to it. Like loving couples have ‘their’ number, I have a connection with this number. Fly Like an Eagle belongs to me. Whenever it comes by on the radio I always have to smile. In the car I keep listening to the song all the way through, even though I’m just driving into the parking lot.”

“Death turns out to be a theme for me. In 2021 I started on Instagram with the death doer, an account about art, mourning and death. I was working in the cultural sector at the time, but when my world suddenly came to a standstill due to corona, I went, like so many, thinking about what I really wanted. All the museums were closed and at home I looked up works of art and videos of performance art. I kept all of them and after a while I saw that there was a line in them: death. If you think about death If you think about it, you can enjoy life more.”

Where do you prefer to listen to music?

“I listen to a lot of CDs in the car. For example, I can always hear The Eagles. I also know exactly which CD you should really listen to, for example, number 6 or 11, and I can put it on repeat ten times. I know the titles of songs therefore often not.”

How many lists do you have on Spotify?

“None, because I no longer use Spotify. The playlists are still in my account, but my last login was in 2013. My dearest friend died the year before. At that time I only listened to instrumental songs, I could really write lyrics. I often didn’t keep it dry. So now I am looking for a lot of music again, but then I still choose CDs, or I set up a music channel via YouTube. But also individual songs from Steve Miller Band, for example, they are delicious at work. Or a regional radio station from Rotterdam that also plays surprisingly good records.”

What is your guilty pleasure?

“Doris Day. Her CD is now in my car. Number 9 of the CD ’25 greatest hits’, for example, I love to sing along. So I don’t know the title, but look it up if you’re curious .”


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