Misjudgment in I Can See Your Voice: ‘He just does whatever’

Misjudgment in I Can See Your Voice: ‘He just does whatever’
Misjudgment in I Can See Your Voice: ‘He just does whatever’

Can you estimate whether someone can sing based on his or her looks? It is the big question with the RTL4 program I Can See Your Voice. The last remaining candidate may sing a duet with Wolter Kroes at the end of the show.

After the judges have already sent four candidates away, there are only a few options left: the clown, the grill master and Miss Holland. Which one of them can sing well? If it were up to the judges, the clown, aka Rachelle, can’t sing and so they vote her out. That turns out to be a good choice, because as soon as Rachelle the number Clown sings by Emeli Sandé, viewers see that she has no talent for singing.

‘He just does something nice’

But who can sing? The grill master or Dutch glory? If it’s up to Edsilia Rombley, the grill master can do it. When the judges are presented with a video in which the grillmaster candidate sings with a distorted voice, she sees it clearly. “That timing: you are being completely fooled. He just enjoys doing something,” she says to Fred van Leer and Marieke Elsinga, who clearly believe in him. Wolter Kroes also nods in agreement.

When the other remaining candidate sings a song with a distorted voice, Elsinga sees it immediately: he cannot sing. Van Leer agrees. “I would like to,” said the presenter. “But she can’t.” Rombley, on the other hand, thinks so and Kroes also has faith in the singing qualities of Holland’s glory. When the jury members confer with each other, they agree: this candidate should go home.

Talent in I Can See Your Voice

When the candidate finally starts singing, not her name is revealed, but also her talent. The judges are clearly impressed by Joyce’s voice. “What a beautiful voice,” Elsinga exclaims.

And then comes the moment of truth: can the grill master sing or not? If it’s up to Kroes, he can. And so he confidently steps on stage to sing a duet. But as soon as Remi, the grill master, starts to sing, the astonishment can be read on the faces of the judges. No natural talent. Despite the fact that it is not too pure, Elsinga and van Leer also “like it”. And that’s worth something.

The episode of I Can See Your Voice can be seen on Videoland.

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Misjudgment in I Can See Your Voice: ‘He just does whatever’

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