Hip-hop band De Likt stops after almost ten years

Hip-hop band De Likt stops after almost ten years
Hip-hop band De Likt stops after almost ten years

The Dutch-language hip-hop band De Likt, known for their song ‘Ja Dat Bedoel Ik’, will stop after almost ten years. The trio Jordy Dijkshoorn, John van Beek and Giorgi Kuiper announced this on Instagram on Wednesday evening. “We have seen just about every venue and festival and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

On Friday the band will present a new album in the Rotterdam pop stage Annabel. After this, Dijkshoorn and Kuiper will start their last tour with the aim of “making it an unforgettable end”. Producer Van Beek will not join the tour, because he will soon be a father for the first time.

“Three young cocks”

When we started we were “three young cocks”, the men look back on Instagram. The three met at the pop academy in Rotterdam. In 2015 they broke through with their single ‘Ja Dat Bedoel Ik’, which was rewarded with the Rotterdam Music Award. Their futuristic funk sound and lyrics about drugs, women and going out were well received in Rotterdam and the rest of the country. The three went from club to club, were invited to a television program The world goes on and the radio show of Giel Beelen on 3FM. They also played at festivals such as Lowlands, Paaspop and the Zwarte Cross.

In 2017, the band was forced to take a step back after Dijkshoorn ended up in hospital. The break was short-lived: the following year De Likt made The third a comeback in pop venues, clubs and festivals. Actually, the latest album was supposed to be released in 2020, but the launch was postponed due to the corona pandemic.

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