Shortlist with 11 potential new voices for ‘With an Eye on Tomorrow’

Jury consultation for the public competition, from left to right Bart Leferink, Rob Trip, Fleur Wallenburg, Fernando Halman

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In the search for a new voice for the radio program NOS With a view to tomorrow there are eleven names left. The jury led by Oog presenter Rob Trip has reduced the longlist from 170 votes to eleven. Trip just announced the shortlist, consisting of well-known and lesser-known voices, in the daily radio program.

Trip told Oog op Morgen that it was difficult to arrive at that eleven. Partly because initially not all jury members were on the same page. “We definitely did not have the same lists, but we did have some overlaps. And after deliberation, this list of eleven ultimately emerged,” said jury chairman Trip.

At the beginning of last month, the program announced that a successor to Oog-stem Hans Hogendoorn was being sought through an audience competition, whose iconic deep voice had already been heard in the opening tune and jingles of the program for almost 17,000 broadcasts. The competition attracted 7,183 entries, through a special online recording studio that allowed people to make themselves heard.

Actors, among others, return to the list several times, as do others who have been using their voices professionally for some time, such as singers and voice-overs. For example, the jury selected the actors Thekla Reuten (The Twins, In Bruges), Gijs Scholten van Aschat (Tirza, Cloaca), Jacqueline Blom (Lunatik, Penoza) and Joshua Albano (The letter for Sinterklaas) selected from the many entries.

Everyone on the list volunteered, none of the participants were asked to participate. All entries were listened to anonymously by the jury.

On Saturday evening, February 10, a special live broadcast will take place NOS With a view to tomorrow Hans Hogendoorn’s successor will be announced from Amsterdam. The jury consists of: Eye– and NOS News-presenter Rob Trip (chairman), News & Copresenter Fleur Wallenburg, DJ and voice actor Fernando Halman and deputy editor-in-chief of NOS News Bart Leferink.

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