Kanye West claims Adidas sued him for $4 billion

Kanye West claims Adidas sued him for $4 billion
Kanye West claims Adidas sued him for $4 billion

“Not funny”

Sneaker platform ATATF shared a photo of someone trying on an oversized YZY Pod. When Ye got wind of the post, he sent the platform a DM advising him to order a smaller size. “Take size one. Don’t play with me. It’s not funny. I worked on these for over a year and released them myself.” The rapper then opened up about his current situation with Adidas. “They copied all my s**t and treated me like shit. Adidas is taking me to court for $4 billion and selling my shoes without paying me. They also say I abused the marketing while I I’m the marketing. You have no idea how much effort I put into everything we do.”

Fan of Ye’s leadership

The manager of the sneaker platform responded that he has often brought the YZY Pods to the attention of his followers in a positive manner and fully “stands behind Kanye’s innovations, leadership and thinking”. “I have a few Pods on their way to me right now. What I’m going to do is share your DM on my page so the world can see the battle going on in the sneaker world. I appreciate you reaching out.”

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