Murder On The Dancefloor is the highest entry in the Top 40

Murder On The Dancefloor is the highest entry in the Top 40
Murder On The Dancefloor is the highest entry in the Top 40

It had been in the air for a while, but now the time has come: Murder On The Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a re-entry into the Dutch Top 40. The track is also the highest entry of this week.

30 (RE) MURDER ON THE DANCEFLOOR – Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Sophie Ellis-Bextor was in the Top 40 for fifteen weeks in 2002 with Murder On The Dancefloor. The British singer reached fourth place at the time. A few months later she scored another big hit with Get Over You. In the following years she mainly achieved Tipparade listings and reached the Top 40 again in 2010 when she sang Armin van Buuren’s Not Giving Up On Love. The fact that the now 44-year-old Sophie is back more than two decades later with her hit from that time is thanks to the film Saltburn. It is widely watched on the streaming service Amazon Prime and Murder On The Dancefloor can be heard in that film. This gives the hit a second life, resulting in a re-entry into the Top 40.

32 (–) UNDECIDED – Rondé
Between 2014 and 2019, Rondé scored no fewer than eight Tipparade listings and with Naturally in 2017 only one minor Top 40 hit. Two and a half years ago there was a sudden turnaround for singer Rikki Borgelt and her band. Hard To Say Goodbye meant the big breakthrough and after that Rondé also scored big hits with Love Myself, Bright Eyes and Break My Heart. The latest single is called Undecided and seems to be a big hit again. This spring Rondé will perform in a number of Dutch cities. Don’t wait too long if you want to be there. Some concerts have already sold out and only a handful of tickets are available for the rest of the tour. Qmusic chose Undediced as the Alarm disc.

39 (–) BEAUTIFUL THINGS – Benson Boone
Benson Boone has scored two big hits in the past two and a half years with the ballads Ghost Town and In The Stars. His latest single Beautiful Things also initially seems to follow the familiar recipe, but halfway through the track the 21-year-old American changes course. His fourth Top 40 rating – after the two hits mentioned, Benson also scored a modest hit rating with Before You just over a year ago – suddenly gains more energy and Benson also makes a few big moves with his voice. Beautiful Things also went viral on TikTok immediately after its release and has now also reached the radio via Spotify and of course the Top 40. Benson followed exactly the same route with his three previous hits.


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