Radio Mart now broadcasts from the old school building in Zuidoost

Radio Mart now broadcasts from the old school building in Zuidoost
Radio Mart now broadcasts from the old school building in Zuidoost

The South East Academy has been opened in a former primary school in Gein. A pedagogical breeding ground where anyone who works or wants to work with children can follow training or workshops. Parents can also come here for training. Residents’ platform Gein and the Surinamese channel Radio Mart have also been given a place in the building.

There is a huge staff shortage in childcare and education. That is why the South East Academy was founded. According to the municipality, it is a ‘pedagogical breeding ground where parents, professionals, trainers and parties from the neighborhood jointly develop and implement new training courses.’ Amsterdam hopes to train hundreds of professionals every year and train dozens of new professionals.

Yesterday, the Zuidoost Academy was officially opened in the former De Ster primary school. Jantien Aalbregtse is project leader for Youth and Education at the municipality of Amsterdam. “Instead of leaving the building empty, we looked at a nice use for the neighborhood, but also for anyone who works with children or who raises children themselves. This is a place where you can follow workshops and training courses to further develop your skills. in the profession of teacher or pedagogical employee. We really want to train parents and other educators and bring different professionals together.”

The building houses the GROW Academy, among other things. A training center for everyone who wants to develop pedagogically. Project manager Robin Peeters: “You should think of educators, parents, volunteers, but also people who are in the field. To really create a neighborhood together – especially in the South East – in which we can all take advantage of the positive educational opportunities of children.”

Recruitment agency 5voorHALF is also in the building to get people interested in a job in childcare. The intention is that the various partners within the Zuidoost Academy will also work together intensively. Buurtplatform Gein has also been given two classrooms in the former school building and the Surinamese radio station Mart is located in the old technology room. A welcome addition says Aalbregtse. “Radio Mart is of course a very important source of information for many people in Zuidoost. The same applies to residents’ platform Gein. We really want to collaborate with parents, with grandfathers and grandmothers, so we hope that great new collaborations will arise in the building.”

Radio Mart now at two temporary locations

It is yet another move for Radio Mart. Last November, the channel had to leave the breeding ground Lola Buitenpost in Zuidoost. In recent months they broadcast from the Sand Castle in the Amsterdamse Poort. “We are still there,” says director Norman van Gom. But the place in the Sand Castle is expensive. According to Van Gom, negotiations are still ongoing, but there is a good chance that the channel will be gone by April. “We now have two temporary locations.” Because the building where the Zuidoost Academy is now open will probably be demolished at the end of this year to make way for new construction.

Van Gom is pretty much done with all that moving. He has started a campaign to raise money for a permanent place. The South East Academy is also only temporarily at the location in Gein. Aalbregtse: “We have at least a year in this building, but we naturally want to establish the Zuidoost Academy as a concept sustainably.”


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