‘It’s great that I can still watch the matches in Ghana via Ajax Radio’

‘It’s great that I can still watch the matches in Ghana via Ajax Radio’
‘It’s great that I can still watch the matches in Ghana via Ajax Radio’

Ajax Radio was created in 2008 to keep supporters who cannot see the matches of the Amsterdam main team live up to date. Presenters Diederik van Zessen and Anne de Jong have been the eyes of the listener for years. The pair serves fans all over the world via a live radio report. This also applies to loyal listener Arie.

From Brazil to Ghana
57-year-old Arie was born below the rivers, but later moved to Purmerend. The Ajax supporter started his maritime career in the navy, after which he worked for years at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam before returning to sea fifteen years ago.

“I have previously worked in Brazil, Malaysia and around the Gulf of Mexico. I have actually seen the whole world,” says Arie, who has currently been working in Ghana for more than five years. “I am an Electrical Supervisor on a drillship. We are searching for oil here for a customer. And we actually travel all over the world, we are like a rental car. I work with a team to ensure that all technical matters continue to work.”

Passion for Ajax
Arie has been a loyal supporter since childhood. “When I think of Ajax, I think of my brother. We shared the same passion for great football and Ajax in particular. He has now passed away, but was also crazy about Ajax and is even buried in an Ajax coffin. My four brother who was years older had Down syndrome and I took him everywhere: Athens in ’87, Vienna in ’95 and Rome in ’96. During that period we saw almost all the matches. That was sometimes quite a task. He really had his own opinion and I also had to take care of him. But it resulted in so many beautiful moments.”

The Ajax fan cherishes many wonderful moments with his brother. Arie is clear about his most beautiful Ajax memory. “Kluivert’s punt ten minutes before the end against AC Milan in 1995,” he says without any doubt in his voice. “That moment in Vienna really gave me goosebumps. I didn’t see anything of the match for the last ten minutes and just stood with my back to the field.”

Listening during working hours
For Arie, who cannot watch Ajax matches live due to his work, Ajax Radio is the perfect alternative. “I work in Ghana for four weeks and then spend four weeks in the Netherlands. I can get a season ticket, but I actually miss too many matches. In addition, I now live all the way in Maasbommel, which also makes the travel time long,” says Arie. “It’s great for me now that I can still watch the matches in this way. I can just do my work and listen to Ajax Radio at the same time.”

The Ajax fan is purely positive about our radio station. “How Diederik and Anne commentate is simply fantastic. They make the matches ten times more exciting. These guys simply comment differently than other radio stations do. They are really realistic and objective, but always with an Ajax touch. In addition, I also like that they mention you on the broadcast when you send a message. In my opinion, it could hardly be better. I hope to enjoy Ajax Radio for many years to come.”

Diederik and Anne will also be ready to report on the home match against PSV next Saturday. Experience the meeting in the Johan Cruijff ArenA as well as Arie via a live radio report. Via Ajax Radio you can experience Ajax matches in an intense way. The commentary is engaging and you will not be inconvenienced by commercial breaks or interruptions to other matches.

Also in the app
Ajax Radio can be listened to via JUKE or the player on our homepage. You can also go to the Ajax App.

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