Patrick Kicken: This will soon change in 3FM’s daily programming

Patrick Kicken: This will soon change in 3FM’s daily programming
Patrick Kicken: This will soon change in 3FM’s daily programming

[BLOG] What radio news these past few weeks, huh? One prize after another is awarded and women in radio finally have their own certificate again. A while ago we received the message that Jorien Renkema, who can be heard from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., was not entirely voluntarily removed from this time at 3FM, a station that of course still scores below average. After a successful edition of Serious Request, the market share is above 2%, but that is still no reason to celebrate. Jorien can fill the off-peak hours at Qmusic during the weekend to compete again, but who will succeed her every day from ten in the morning? First tip: it won’t be a woman.

What radio stations like to do and often do is use old programming from a time when they were still successful. No attention is paid to the image, the brand and how it can be repaired. No, we will continue to move the chairs and tables and the guests will come again. This is how they will think at 3FM: hey wait a minute, Gerard Ekdom always scored well at that ‘Workplace vitamins’ time from 10 o’clock, so another man should come there! Here’s the solution they came up with: Ivo van Breukelen is moving from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. KRONCRV will therefore exchange pennies with AVROTROS. Because… of course a woman must return to the daily programming, otherwise the Radio House or the entire Media Park will be on its hind legs, or rather, on its hind legs.

Let’s just think, we still have a young lady on offer at AVROTROS… ehh yes, come on, that girl who was so wonderfully snowed in between Barend and Wijnand in the Glass House the other day. Sophie Hijlkema! He will then do the time from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Problem solved. Look at us doing well. Poor Mart Meijer will soon lose his side chick during the weekend, but hey, he can also talk for ten on his own. Will 3FM still win the war in radio land with these changes? No. But it is nice for Ivo van Breukelen, born in the year I started radio, that he can be at home during the day to play with his two small children. Just no more late shooting jobs on Sunday evenings, Ivo!

What should of course happen at 3FM is to change the morning show. And not because of those two interns from Qmusic, Tom & Joe, but because of the two men who clearly have that magical click together that radio so needs: Barend & Wijnand. During Serious Request it became clear again that there is a connection. On Friday afternoon, a spot will become available for Rob Jansen to show off his party horns. Benner, Barend’s current other half in the afternoon, is pregnant after all, so she will soon have something else on her mind. Powned has to look for a new afternoon show, but if party number Rob Jansen does so well on Friday, you just take him horizontally. Tom & Yoohoo. And there is always something else Niek van der Bruggen that you can call! Or he chooses that other station with a marginal market share, Radio Veronica, where he once did the morning and afternoon show: he was seen on the webcam there while he was given a tour of the studio.

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