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Anyone who looks up Dua Lipa on Spotify or similar streaming platforms has discovered in recent weeks that the artwork of her debut album and Future Nostalgia had been replaced by an image that seems to have come straight out of a kaleidoscope. Social media opted for a clean slate and a little later the British-Albanian pop star also appeared with a different hair color. After Lipa fully turned to disco pop, a new era is now dawning and that undoubtedly means that we will hear and see a lot from the singer again in 2024. With “Houdini”, a reference to the famous magician, Dua Lipa is back and ready to conquer the charts. She does not do this alone, because Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) and Danny L Harle took the helm for this new single.

Musically, “Houdini” seems neatly within the lines of Future Nostalgia to color and there will be no big surprise. The fact that her second long player has done her no harm, even in challenging times, is a poorly kept secret, but we somehow hoped that Dua Lipa would play less safe with this first single from a new record. You can dance to “Houdini” and the catchy tune settles into your memory so quickly that you try to sing along before the end of the song. In the background we hear cautiously psychedelic sounds that could have easily attracted more attention in order to create a greater break with her previous album. ‘I’m not here for long / Catch me or I go Houdini’, it sounds, and with it the artist seems to describe how she will find a way out, although this is clearly not about her own career. The Dua Lipa Express seems to have left again with “Houdini”, but although the song is well composed and will undoubtedly be well received by many pop fans, we expected a little more from it.


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