New tracks from Dua Lipa and Anouk, among others

New tracks from Dua Lipa and Anouk, among others
New tracks from Dua Lipa and Anouk, among others

When we look at the top 10 of the list, two things really stand out. On the one hand, the high entry of Kevin and S10: De Leven comes in at number 8. In addition, we can welcome the trio Trobi, Ronnie Flex and Tabitha to the top 10: Wacht Op Mij goes from 22 to 10 and is therefore 1 of the 2 fastest risers of the week. The other is for Snelle: his Hoodie date moves up from 29 to 17. Davina Michelle’s new one is also moving in the right direction: 17 rises from 28 to 18.

In their sixth week, Alessio and Sluwe Ollie managed to reach the number 1 position of the Tipparade with Loco Loco.

You can find the complete Tip Parade here. Below we introduce the 8 newcomers to you.

8 (–) DE LIFE – Kevin & S10
De Leven, that is the name of the 2011 track from Sef. The song did not reach the Top 40, but did not go unnoticed. In 2016, De Leven was even used in a commercial for a well-known health insurer. It is now 12 years later and Kevin and S10 have reworked it. De Leven will be found on Wonderland, Kevin’s new album that will be released next week. The same applies to the singles Kipstraat, Trust (with Yade Lauren), Naturally and Nooit (with Ka and Ronnie Flex).

21 (–) PK’S – Josylvio feat. Moeman, Bokke8, Philly & Ka

25 (–) ONE DAY AT A TIME – Anouk
Last week the time had come: Deena & Jim was released, Anouk’s long-awaited, symphonic album. An album that, according to the singer, is about experiencing love, overcoming and finding yourself. She previously announced that it might not have a Top 40 hit and that she would not release a single from it. It was a great surprise when a video appeared for the track Are You Done Running. And to make matters even more complicated, One Day At A Time was picked up on the radio. With a total duration of 5 minutes and 17 seconds, this is not a standard track for the radio, but you can hear Anouk at her best, accompanied by sliding strings.

26 (–) WON’T FORGET YOU – Jax Jones x DOD with Ina Wroldsen
Jax Jones released his single Whistle earlier this year (with Calum Scott), which managed to reach the top 10. High time for a successor. On Won’t Forget You the British DJ collaborates with DOD and Ina Wroldsen. DOD is a British DJ and producer and therefore a direct colleague of Jax Jones. He was already in the Tipparade twice in 2023, first with Set Me Free and then with So Much In Love, but that was it. Ina Wroldsen already scored a hit in 2017: Breathe, also with Jax Jones, reached number 22.

27 (–) I BELIEVE IN LOVE AGAIN – Peggy Gou & Lenny Kravitz
Peggy Gou is ready for the ‘difficult second’ of her career. After the immense success of It Goes Like Nanana, there is now the successor I Believe In Love Again, a collab with none other than Lenny Kravitz. When hearing this new single it is immediately clear that it is a bit of an It Goes Like Nanana 2.0, but this could still catch on again. We have been missing Lenny Kravitz in the Top 40 for a long time. His last hit was in 2014 with the catchy The Chamber.

28 (–) houdtINI – Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa is ready for a new chapter in her so far very successful career. After Dua Lipa (2017) and Future Nostalgia (2020), it is now time for the first single (Houdini) from her future third studio album. Since her breakthrough in 2016, the British-Albanian singer has already appeared in the one and only 21 times, good for an (already) eleventh position in the list of highest-grossing acts in the Top 40 of all time. If Houdini becomes another hit à la Dance The Night, then the top 10 is within reach. Unfortunately, that would be bad news for Michael Jackson.

29 (–) CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – Flemming & Boef
Flemming and Boef, two acts that you wouldn’t easily link together, have entered the studio together and are now releasing Champions League. After the somewhat disappointing result of Hypnose for Flemming (his least successful single to date), he is ready to score old-fashioned again. Boef is already ready for his possibly third hit of the year, after Memory (with Lil Kleine) and Pornstar Martini (with $hirak, Cristian D and Lil Kleine) both managed to reach the top 20 of the one and only. Who knows, Flemming and Boef might actually win the Champions League with this new single.

30 (–) WHEN WE WERE YOUNG (THE LOGICAL SONG) – David Guetta & Kim Petras
David Guetta is ready to storm the charts again with a new banger. After recently collaborating with Bebe Rexha, Anne-Marie and Coi Leray, the choice has now fallen on Kim Petras. We mainly know Kim in the Netherlands from Unholy with Sam Smith, but her second hit now seems to be on the way. When We Were Young (The Logical Song) is, as the title suggests, a remake of The Logical Song by Supertramp from 1979. This classic only managed to reach number 20 in the Top 40 at the time, but David & Kim may well have said that. can improve. But will it also become such a classic?


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