Stefan Stasse from NPO Radio 2 to NPO Radio 5

Stefan Stasse from NPO Radio 2 to NPO Radio 5
Stefan Stasse from NPO Radio 2 to NPO Radio 5

From next year, Stefan Stasse will switch from NPO Radio 2 to NPO Radio 5. He could already be heard once a week on Radio 5 with ‘Goudmijn’, but from 2024 he can be heard every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 2:00 PM: 00 and 16:00. His new program is ‘The Magical Mystery Tour’.

Years ago, there was already talk of Stefan, who is 63 years old, switching from Radio 2 to Radio 5. There was a lot of criticism about this from listeners and he eventually stayed with Radio 2. This year the rumor surfaced again that Stefan He should leave Radio 2 and as of January he will stop the daily program ‘De Staat van Stasse’.

The NPO announced yesterday the changes to the programming of the public radio stations, although that overview is not complete. It has been said that Stefan Stasse will get a new program on Radio 5, but it is not yet known what will happen to his program on Radio 2. The reason is probably that Rob Stenders is switching from Radio Veronica to Radio 2 to change the hours of Stefan, but this transfer cannot yet be announced.

New programming NPO Radio 5

Stefan Stasse’s new program replaces the EO program ‘Open House’ that Henk van Steeg (Friday) and Giovanca Ostiana (Saturday) present. The EO will make a new program in the evening between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM, called ‘De Avond Op Vijf’. The presentation is in the hands of Gerja Wolf (Monday and Thursday) and Giovance (Friday).

‘Volgspot’ with Hijlco Span is therefore moving to the weekend and will be heard on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. ‘The Musical Fruit Basket’ with Petra de Joode will now be heard on Saturdays and Sundays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM instead of four hours in a row on Sunday evenings. What will happen to the programs of Sander Kramer and Remco Hakkert on Saturday evening has not been announced, nor is it clear whether the daily late evening program ‘Thuis op 5’ will continue to exist and what will happen to Ron Brandsteder.

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