Public broadcaster launches pilot channel NPO BLEND

Public broadcaster launches pilot channel NPO BLEND
Public broadcaster launches pilot channel NPO BLEND

“The audio autumn is very dynamic at the public broadcaster,” says Jurre Bosman, director of NPO Audio. “With a lot of attention for the upcoming elections on NPO Radio 1, the Evergreen Top 1000 on NPO Radio 5 and 3FM Serious Request, which is committed to the ALS Netherlands Foundation to raise money to combat this disease. NPO FunX organizes the Good Vibes Dinner, NPO Klassiek the Christmas concert and NPO Radio 2 closes the year with the 25th edition of the Top 2000. So there is a lot of great stuff for our audience to experience and everything can be listened to via the NPO Listen app. ”

Launch of NPO BLEND
NPO BLEND is a pilot of the public broadcaster and can be listened to for at least a year via DAB+ and NPO Listen. Chanelva Rier, channel manager NPO FunX and Menno de Boer, channel manager NPO 3FM, are jointly responsible for NPO BLEND: “With the pilot channel NPO BLEND we offer listeners between the ages of 35 and 54 a varied mix of R&B, afro, new soul, hip hop. and many classics from the nineties and zeroes. Especially in the beginning, the new channel will focus on a wide range of musical styles. Listeners will soon also be able to find news, culture and stories that appeal to the target group.” For more information, visit

Jurre Bosman: “As a public broadcaster, we want to make radio and podcasts for as many people as possible in the Netherlands. Every week we reach more than six million people with audio. Yet we feel challenged to broaden the offering. I am proud of the launch of NPO BLEND, with which we, together with the broadcasters, will hopefully attract new listeners.”

From left to right Barend van Deelen, Sophie Hijlkema and Wijnand Speelman

Glass House DJs known
3FM DJs Barend van Deelen (PowNed), Sophie Hijlkema (AVROTROS) and Wijnand Speelman (KRO-NCRV) will enter the Glass House for 3FM Serious Request, which will be located in Nijmegen this year. The DJs are traditionally locked up in the week before Christmas to take action for a good cause. This year, 3FM Serious Request is committed to the ALS Netherlands Foundation. The aim of the ALS Netherlands Foundation is to finance scientific research into the cause, cure and treatment of ALS. The foundation also finances aids such as a speech computer, wheelchair bus or a folding electric wheelchair. The Glass House DJs will have an extra challenge this year: they have to hand in their mobile phones during the campaign week and can therefore only maintain contact with the home front via the radio or during a visit to the Glass House. The Glass House will be on the Grote Markt in Nijmegen from Sunday December 17 to Sunday December 24.

NPO Listen presents Podcast Pitch
Kevin Goes, manager of NPO Listen, opens the doors to the public who have a good idea for a podcast. Anyone can submit a pitch via and have a chance to realize a podcast idea at one of the broadcasters. The winning podcast will be presented in March during the NPO Listen Podcast Festival on Sunday, March 17, 2024 in TivoliVredenburg and, after the production period, can be listened to via NPO Listen. More information can be found at

Collaboration agreement with VRT
The Dutch and Flemish public broadcasters are joining forces with a collaboration agreement for podcasts. NPO and VRT are making eight podcast titles available via NPO Listen and VRT MAX. This concerns the podcasts The Art of Disappearing, Revolusi, Napoleon, The Sun King, Señor Sarens, Ouder, Who Was Mama and The Burgundians. The podcasts can be listened to in the NPO Listen app from November. Later this year, eight Dutch titles from NPO will also appear on VRT MAX to strengthen the Dutch offer in Flanders.

New podcasts
NPO Listen also presents a number of new podcasts that can be listened to in the NPO Listen app in the coming period.

JFK: the missing link (AVROTROS)
In the new podcast series ‘JFK: the missing link’ by journalists Lammert de Bruin and Babs Assink, new clues come to light for a possible role of the CIA in the assassination of American President John. F. Kennedy. Assink and De Bruin continue an extensive investigation into the murder that was started by the Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans. In this investigation, a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, the designated perpetrator of the assassination of President Kennedy, confessed to Oltmans that he had been involved in the assassination. Assink and De Bruin discovered in recently made public documents from the American government that this man was involved with the CIA. It strengthens the suspicion that has existed for a long time that people within the CIA may have been involved in the assassination of Kennedy. The six-part AVROTROS podcast series ‘JFK: the missing link’ will appear in its entirety on NPO Listen on November 13.

Super Going Extreme Online (BLACK)
Presenter and comedian Nesim el Ahmadi and his very best friend Fraasie discuss hilarious and painful comments that people post online: “I often think about who would and would not come to my funeral” or “My boss’s dog often poops under my desk but he never tidies it up.” While improvising, they hold up a mirror to themselves and the listener. From January on NPO Listen.

Paul is Dead (BNNVARA)
Do you think conspiracy theories only crop up during elections? And that the people who believe in it never leave their American computer rooms? Then you’re wrong. Because more and more people believe that the music world is tied together by shadowy smokescreens and bizarre cover-ups. In the new NPO 3FM podcast ‘Paul is Dead’, Luc Sarneel and Philo Boss delve into bizarre conspiracies from the music industry. The most absurd music myths are peeled away layer by layer in fifteen minutes. From now on you can hear it on NPO Listen.

The Cartoon Crisis (HUMAN)
On October 16, 2020, French history teacher Samuel Paty was murdered in broad daylight. He was beheaded in the street after showing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed in his classroom during a lesson on freedom of expression. In memory of Paty and what he stood for, Stine Jensen is creating the four-part NPO Radio 1 podcast series ‘The Cartoon Crisis’ about the consequences of Paty’s murder. So that we do not forget him and we continue to discuss freedom of expression. ‘The Cartoon Crisis’ can be listened to on NPO Listen from Monday 4 December.

Where’s Sarah? (VPRO)
Rob Timmerman sails on a rescue ship in the Mediterranean Sea for five months a year, looking for people in danger of drowning. One drowning person in particular still keeps him busy every day: the newborn baby Sarah. What became of her? Radio maker Laura Stek in turn wonders: why does Rob want to find the now seven-year-old girl? The six-part NPO Radio 1 podcast series ‘Where is Sarah?’ is a personal search for hope, within the grand story of European migration policy. From Thursday 16 November on NPO Listen, from Friday 17 November Bureau Buitenland on NPO Radio 1.

So Solved (KRO-NCRV)
How do you buy a car? What should we do with football violence? What do you give as a gift to someone you don’t know? What do we do about the staff shortage? And how do you actually arrive on time? The world is filled with problems. But how do we solve it? Fear not, here is the podcast ‘So Solved’. Science journalist Anna Gimbrère and comedians Tex de Wit and Stefan Pop tackle the most complex and easy topics and solve them within 20 minutes. From November 13, every Monday and Friday on NPO Listen you can hear a new problem, but even more importantly: a new solution.

The Future Is Gray (MAX)
In the new NPO Radio 1 podcast ‘The Future is Gray’, journalists Elles de Bruin and Astrid Cornelisse investigate what the Netherlands will look like in 2040: the moment when aging will reach its peak. They also try to answer the question why aging is hardly on the agenda at the moment, while it is one of the greatest challenges of the near future. The seven-part podcast series can be listened to on NPO Listen from Monday 27 November. The podcast is part of a large cross-media project about aging. ‘The Future is Gray’ consists of a podcast, TV series, debate and website.

Podcast Mina and Mrs (from February 3, VPRO)
After ‘The plantation of our ancestors’, journalist Maartje Duin delves again into her family history. The eight-part documentary NPO Radio 1 podcast ‘Mina and Mrs’ is an epic story about the twentieth century that was revolutionary for women. For half a century, the lives of Mina and Madam were intimately intertwined. A countess in a castle near Middelburg, Mina her live-in maid. As Mrs.’s great-granddaughter, Maartje Duin has felt discomfort for a lifetime about their relationship, which is presented in her family as a loving friendship. In search of answers, Maartje contacts Mina’s family. And she comes across an incredible source: her great-grandmother’s diaries, which span nearly a century. From February 3 on NPO Listen and from February 4 weekly on OVT on NPO Radio 1.

Programming changes from January 2024:

NPO Radio 1:

  • Mandy Woelkens presents a new program for Omroep ZWART on Sunday evenings from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
  • Andrew Makkinga will be one of the regular presenters of Kunststof (NTR), alongside Willemijn Veenhoven.
  • From January 1, the Caribbean Network (NTR) will provide the night from Thursday to Friday. Presentation: Guiliano Payne.

NPO Radio 2:

  • Tannaz Hajeby can be heard with Dit Is Tannaz (EO) from Tuesday to Friday from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Desiree van der Heiden presents Desiree In Het Donker (PowNed) from Tuesday to Friday between 00:00 and 02:00.


  • Tom de Graaf and Joe Stam (BNNVARA) can be heard every working day from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on NPO 3FM from January 1.

NPO Radio 5:

  • Stefan Stasse presents The Magical Mystery Tour (KRO-NCRV) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
  • The EO presents De Avond Op Vijf, every working day from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Presentation from Monday to Thursday by Gerja Wolf and on Friday by Giovanca Ostiana.
  • Hijlco Span presents Volgspot (KRO-NCRV) on Saturdays and Sundays between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM.
  • The Musical Fruit Basket (EO) with Petra de Joode can be heard on Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

NPO Soul & Jazz:
NPO Soul & Jazz will shift emphasis. Even more jazz will be heard in the evening and fans will also be updated every day between 11 p.m. and 12 a.m. about the latest developments in jazz, interspersed with numerous pearls from the rich history of this music movement. Round Midnight (NTR) can be heard from Monday to Friday, alternately presented by Benjamin Herman, Marieke McKenna, Kees Heus and Elias Mazian. On Saturday and Sunday Cor Bakker presents Cor Bakker Soul & Jazz for MAX.

More information can be found via the websites (and apps) of NPO Radio 1, NPO Radio 2, NPO 3FM, NPO Klassiek, NPO Radio 5 and NPO FunX.

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