Metallica rumor flares up: chance of Graspop 2024?


There are a lot of rumors surrounding Metallica. French radio host Francis Zégut, who has previously successfully leaked Metallica shows, now says he knows that the band will be at Hellfest next year. Graspop takes place a week before, and the Americans still have an opening in their agenda.

Metalheads take note: Metallica’s iconic riffs could very well blow through the air at Graspop Metal Meeting 2024 in the summer of 2024. According to French radio host Francis Zégut, who has often leaked correct Metallica dates in the past, the band is said to have been booked for Hellfest 2024.

It started with this intriguing Facebook post from Zégut:

Loire-Atlantique is a region in France where Hellfest traditionally takes place, including next year. And if the above hint wasn’t clear enough, the screenshot below is. In a DM conversation, of which forum visitor BMx shared a screenshot on the Festileaks Festival Forum, Zégut confirms in a response that he was indeed referring to Hellfest with his post. Given Zégut’s track record, you can already write Metallica down for Hellfest.

In the same message, the Frenchman says he knows nothing about a show at Graspop. But it is certainly not unthinkable. If we zoom in on Metallica’s current tour schedule, two things immediately stand out:

  • The band has a gap of almost three weeks in its agenda between June 16 and July 5. Both Graspop (June 20-23) and Hellfest (June 27-30) take place in this hole. Elsewhere in the tour schedule, there are usually only two to five days between each concert.
  • During the Rock Werchter weekend, Metallica will play twice in Poland (Friday 5 and Sunday 7 July). This seems to rule out the band for a headline show at Rock Werchter. If there is indeed a Belgian date, the Graspop bookers will in principle have free rein.

Add to this Zégut’s statements, and suddenly it seems quite possible that the largest metal band in the world will finally perform at Graspop next year.

Anyway, for now it remains pure speculation. Who knows, it may end up being a separate concert on the Werchter site or elsewhere in Belgium. Finally, it is also possible that Metallica will skip the Benelux next summer. For now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

M72 World Tour

New shows in the Netherlands are also a possibility with this rumor. The sequel of the M72 World Tour promises to be another spectacle. During the tour, the Americans will play twice in each city, one no repeat weekend set. The opening acts also differ per day. Opening in various combinations throughout the tour: Architects, Mammoth WVH, Five Finger Death Punch, Ice Nine Kills, Pantera, Volbeat and Greta Van Fleet. Due to the temporary cancellation of Five Finger Death Punch, Floor Janssen and Epica also played as the support act earlier in the tour.

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Speculate further about Graspop 2024

Would you like to see the legendary band perform at Graspop 2024? While there is no confirmation yet, we invite you to follow the rumor mill and join the GMM 2024 topic on the Festileaks Festival Forum. This way you will be the first to know about the latest updates regarding the line-up. Be sure to put Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 June 2024 in your calendar for a long weekend full of riffs, headbanging and mosh pits.

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