Crypta – Shades Of Sorrow

Crypta – Shades Of Sorrow
Crypta – Shades Of Sorrow

Although the choice to leave Nervosa was not an easy one for bass vocalist Fernanda Lira, it turned out well. The Brazilian had the side project Crypta (together with drummer Luana Dametto, who also left Nervosa) to fall back on, but the question was whether that project would do as well as Nervosa. Uncertainty everywhere. Luckily it was the debut album Echoes Of The Soul (2021) well received and with Shades Of Sorrow the successor on the shelves.

The death metal band’s second full-length is a more mature record and shows a number of improvements compared to the debut. First of all, the technical level of the ladies is a lot higher. Lira sounds a lot bolder and more diverse vocally and Dametto appears much more varied and high-quality. This is clearly audible thanks to Daniel Bergstrand’s excellent mix, which in comparison Echoes Of The Soul better highlights the bass playing. Production has also improved considerably. The whole sounds more open and dynamic. Outliers, among other things, benefit from this Lord Of Ruins by.

The song material takes a little longer to stick than that of two years ago. This is partly because the tracks are more complex and technically more refined. Not that Crypta suddenly started playing progressive death metal. Several ideas date from the time surrounding the debut album. For example, it contains riffs written by the now departed Sonia Anubis. Thanks to the addition of guitarist Jssica Falchi, lead guitar playing has changed considerably. Together with Tain Bergamaschi she conjures up fantastic twin leads, sometimes reminiscent of Death. This is evident, among other things Poisonous Apathy and Agents Of Chaos (also featuring a Morbid Angel groove). There is more variety in the songs, which showcase both straightforward death metal and atmospheric passages that reveal an interest in doom, black and even folk. The core elements at the end of the record are surprising.

Shades Of Sorrow Cryptas mainly shows improvements on a technical and production level. Significant steps have been taken. Due to the progressive nature of the song material, an additional investment of time is required from the listener. That effort is rewarded with more and more tracks that are popular and reveal their secrets. First of all, the memorable, beautiful guitar work Lord Of Ruins and the atmospheric outlier Stronghold (with beautiful, Paradise Lost-like and post-rocking guitar leads). Then comes the aggressive ones The Other Side Of Anger and The Outsider. The song material remains pleasant elsewhere in the tracklist as well. Just listen to the breakdown of Lift The Blindfold. Some fans will prefer the more accessible Echoes Of The Soulbut anyone who likes to hear a band develop will (also) purchase Shades Of Sorrow On.

Track listing:
1. The Aftermath
2. Dark Clouds
3. Poisonous Apathy
4. The Outsider
5. Stronghold
6. The Other Side Of Anger
7.The Limbo
8. Trial Of Traitors
9. Lullaby For The Forsaken
10. Agents Of Chaos
11. Lift The Blindfold
12.Lord Of Ruins
13.The Closure

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