Qsil Winschoten closes its doors

Qsil Winschoten closes its doors
Qsil Winschoten closes its doors

Photo: Catharina Glazenburg

WINSCHOTEN – This afternoon, the employees of Qsil (Quarzschmelze Ilmenau) in Winschoten were told that “their” company will close next year.

Last year the glass factory, built by Philips, celebrated its 50th anniversary. As it now appears, the 52 will not be achieved. The factory makes quartz glass, which is used in the lamp industry, such as for car headlights and medical equipment. The glass is made from a special type of sand, which is only extracted in a few places in the world. This sand has become considerably more expensive following increasing demand from solar panel manufacturers. Add to this the increased energy prices. All this has made the German parent company, which owned the company in 2016, decide to close the Dutch branch around June 1 next year.

This news was communicated to employees during two meetings this afternoon. The people who were not there were informed by telephone. The company employs between 120 and 130 people.

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