Patrick Kicken: This is what Wietze de Jager will do in 2024

Patrick Kicken: This is what Wietze de Jager will do in 2024
Patrick Kicken: This is what Wietze de Jager will do in 2024

[BLOG] Just say no, and you’ll suddenly get two. In the comments under the column that I published yesterday, a certain ‘Nick’ asked whether I had heard anything about what will happen next with Wietze de Jager at 538. Since his morning show with Klaas van der Eerden came to an abrupt end there Last summer, due to disappointing listening figures and arguments about daddy days, he did not make radio for the company for another minute. While the salary was of course neatly paid. Some inquiries yield the following story: Wietze is going to spend that money in one go in the new year: he is going abroad together with his family. I’ll tell you where to go in a moment. A tip: it is always sunny there!

It’s never fun when your program stops from one day to the next. Every radio maker knows that. Only for Wietze de Jager it didn’t come a day too early, he absolutely couldn’t combine his busy family life (four children, one of which was a newborn!) with the radio show that has the most impact on you: the morning show. By now he must have recovered quite nicely from this. He previously put his beautiful multi-million dollar villa in Zwolle up for sale when he saw the downpour at 538. And what do you do when you’re in your thirties with way too much money: right, you leave! Get away from this gloomy country where they won’t grant you anything. I understand that De Jager, together with his family, is leaving for the island where Mr. Soul show Ferry Maat has been on Bonaire for years!

I think it’s a smart move. Even if you initially only try it out for a year, you can finally put your radio argument with Mattie to rest. And all that other bullshit on radio and television, because Wietze was also fully deployed there at first. Another nice thing, of course, is that you are first pulled over, you are the celebrated star and then you are allowed to leave the building through the back entrance. The fact that the counter continues to run on your bank account is little consolation. Then we go to an island where the child benefit continues as normal, they also speak Dutch and the weather is nice every day. That will cheer someone up! And admit it: you are only a real star when you go abroad with your celebrity family. After the villa in Zwolle that was put up for sale, that is truly next-level rehabilitation.

This does not necessarily mean that De Jager will no longer be heard on the radio. Nowadays, many disc jockeys simply make their radio show abroad via a good internet connection. The big advantage for Wietze: it is 5 hours earlier on Bonaire! So, for example, if he is going to do the morning on 538 during the weekend, he can turn it into a night show. Everything will turn out fine after all. Uncle Maat can take care of the children, Lieke can go shopping during the day when he is in bed or on the beach and then that money will be gone within a year. There is also a radio station on Bonaire if he wants to do something locally. TV star Nicolette Kluijver preceded the Jagertjes to Bonaire, but she has now decided to return to the Netherlands after four years. Maybe they can buy her beach hut?

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