First images of Belgian war film ‘The last front’ with ‘Game of thrones’ actor

Director Julien Kerknawi with Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen on the set of The Last Front. — © RR

It is only his first full-length film, but director Julien Kerknawi immediately works with heavy artillery on the set of ‘The last front’. The shooting of the war film is in full swing, but the production is already releasing images of the Belgian and international cast.

The last front is set during the First World War and focuses on two fathers on opposite sides of the conflict. “It’s not about political games, but about the stories of Flemish families who have to flee the war,” says director Julien Kerknawi. “I don’t want to talk about the trenches, but about the fight for survival of the common man.”

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Julien Kerknawi gives directions to Koen De Bouw while shooting. — © RR

Kerknawi counts on Flemish names such as Koen De Bouw, Joren Seldeslachts, Steve Armand and Emma Moortgat, but also on foreign actors. The best known is without a doubt the Scotsman Iain Glen, known for games of throneswho previously collaborated with Louis Talpe and Matteo Simoni the racer could be seen.

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The recordings of The last front take place in Kortrijk, Lier, Kluisbergen and Damme. The world premiere is scheduled for 2023.


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