‘Fantastic Four’ Makes Progress With Two Important Names

‘Fantastic Four’ Makes Progress With Two Important Names
‘Fantastic Four’ Makes Progress With Two Important Names

Good news for Fantastic Four enthusiasts. There has been talk of a new movie about this superhero group for a long time and although Marvel releases the necessary blockbusters every year, many people are especially looking forward to this. Now there is finally some momentum!

The writers for the project have been found, so that they are now finally actively working on it. About a month ago it was announced that Matt Shakman would be directing, but two writers are also joining the team.

This is about Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer, who apparently have been working on it for a while. Now that the director and writers have been found, they can start looking for the actors for the new Fantastic Four movie.

This is also why we didn’t hear any Fantasic Four news earlier this month at Disney’s D23, where all the major projects are revealed. More news will no doubt follow soon, now that the creative team can pick up speed!

Normally Fantasic Four will be shown in November 2024, but who will play which superhero is not yet known. Fans have been asking Marvel for years to tie the well-known actor couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman.

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